Soap and Glory Pulp Friction Body Scrub

As first impressions go this is a good one, as I went into buy The scrub of your life by Soap & Glory and as they were sitting on the shelf next to each other I decided to try this one instead. I’ve only been using this for the last two days but to be honest already my skin is feeling slightly smoother! I usually use ‘The scrub of your life’ as an exfoliator before having a spray tan and even though it is not described as an exfoliator I find it works really well. To tell you the truth I haven’t used the Pulp Friction for that purpose yet, so the next time I have a spray tan I will use this the night before and see how that goes. This feels soooo lovely on the skin, with the consistency being a smooth cream with then tiny pink beads (or vitamin balls as their described) that feel very gentle and not scratchy on all on the skin.

Thank you!
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