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I’ve seen a couple of unboxing videos and reviews on this months Glossybox, I have to say a lot of those where negative responses, with a lot of people saying this months box was a disappointment but I have to Disagree with all of those. Obviously with all subscription boxes like these theres always going to be a mixed response of opinions, theres been some I’ve disliked while I’ve seen others have loved, so I’m definitely not saying all those that dislike this are wrong!

When I opened my box I was pleasantly surprised by a £25 gift card (to spend within 30 days) for 


I haven’t as such placed an order with hello fresh yet but I have had a quick glance at their website, but also I saw this company standing at the NEC Good Food Show in Birmingham a few Sundays ago and I have to say their company looks to be a great!. As they deliver a box of delicious ingredients straight to your door; basically you select either a classic, veggie or family box, in which the ingredients for each of these have already been chosen for you depending on some lovely recipes, (if that doesn’t make sense, check out there website and it’ll soon become clear!).

Next I found a travel size pack of Halo fragrance free facial wipes, I was very pleased with these!


These wipes I haven’t saw before, plus I feel products like these are much more beneficial to me as really all the moisturisers and creams you can get over time can be a little overwhelming as I’m not really one for using those types of products each day so receiving a lot of these can eventually take up a lot! of much needed space.

I really like these wipes actually and if I don’t discover anything else before these could be an investment for taking on my little trip to New York with me. I have been using these each morning after my shower, these for me remove any (mascara) that I embarrassingly hadn’t managed to get off the night before but more importantly just feel to brighten up my skin, it makes it feel hydrated and make-up ready!

These wipes are a good size for travel actually and I have found they keep their moisture (as some wipes dry out so quickly which is so frustrating!) but also they smell really nice!

I then saw the Monuspa rosewood reviving mist spray


I’ve been really loving this product too, I have been using this after coming out of the shower and it really feels to waken up my skin, ready for the day! I also find this to have a very refreshing and actually sort of spa like scent (or what I’d expect a spa to smell like anyway)!


(full size product)

In my Glossybox I then found this nail polish by essence and this is from the gel collection, I believe this nail polish has come to other Glossybox subscribers but in different shades. I was however very glad I got the red out of them all. So I’ll start from the beginning; applying this nail polish is actually very easy, the formula isn’t to thick nor to thin plus the brush head is a perfect size and shape for easy application, although I have found one negative with this nail polish and that is the length of how long this lasts. This nail polish looks lovely once first done but from after the first day I noticed a few little chips on different nails, as the days went on chips and wear were a lot more visible (to the point where it just looked embarrassing). 

Overall I can tell you that if your a person that changes their nail polish more than once a week then I see no down side in buying this polish, if however you are more like me and prefer to only do your nails once a week then this may not be the best choice for you.


(full size product)

I then got the Kueshi Anticelluite booster, personally I wouldn’t say I need to apply this onto my legs, so for that reason I haven’t used this myself and therefore I can’t tell you my own opinions on this but instead I will note down the description from the information card for you: 

“This lightweight cream combines a hard-hitting mix of natural ingredients and antioxidants to stimulate blood circulation, in turn toning your skin and fighting off any dimples. Message into your legs twice a day for summer-ready pins” Alice, Beauty Editor. 


And last but certainly not least (another full size product) is a sheet of flash tattoo’s.

I was very happy to see these in my box this month, as I’ve heard so much about these and saw so many people speak highly of this brand. I have to say as for quality I am very impressed, certainly if your a 90’s baby you won’t have any trouble in putting these on (there exactly like all the temporarily tattoo’s you used to get in bubble gum and other kind of sweets), as for this in-particular product (the one shown in my picture above) I don’t really feel you would necessarily buy this exact one because of the size alone. With this, (as I can understand flash tattoo are only trying to get out their product/s out there, so they want you to see as many designs as possible) but with each of these being in length so small it is difficult to know where to place them on you. As (I have the smallest size of Pandora bracelet) and these only fit on one side of my wrist, so for that reason alone I wouldn’t wear them where I would perhaps want, unless they were longer in length. (However I feel I should mention that the ones they sell may be long and perfectly fine in size, I am just going on these included in June’s Glossybox).

Thank you for reading

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