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This months Glossybox was, for me a slight disappointment, don’t get me wrong there wasn’t anything disastrous, I can appreciate that Glossybox wanted to give their subscribers something a little different and make it quite special but for me the whole build up of this months box was a bit more exciting than actually receiving it.

Glossybox did excel themselves with the packaging this month! and this months box is one I will definitely be hanging on to, with that in mind (below) is a picture of the back of the box, which I think is fair to say is not something that you would find on a review normally, as usually it is just plain white but this month’s box has a gorgeous coloured illustration, which I think is a lovely elegant touch and therefore important to share with you.


As you open the box up you are greeted with yet more lovely illustrations.


I received a pretty and beautifully decorated box, with then inside a lovely transparent designed zipper bag, which for me personally is my favourite part of the whole box.


Placed inside that was then 5 products and all of my products where related to skin/body care.

Those products include: the Lollipops Délicieuse Lip Balm, Noxidoxi Magnifiant Enhancing Serum BaseTeoxane Cosmiceuticals Night Skin Renewal Cream and two of the Vichy Liftactiv Advanced Filler’s.

Please understand this box came with NO information leaflet as usual, so everything I explain in a technical sense, about each of these products (listed above) are my own opinions and may well be complete and utter rubbish so please do research further if you are interested in purchasing any of these.

You may of also noticed by now that not only is the box designed with a French style element but also a lot of the products are of the French origin too.

IMG_4705 IMG_4707

This is the Vichy Liftactiv Advanced Filler
As I have said previously I’m not going to quote any ‘technical details’ about each of these products as I did not receive a leaflet this month and I wouldn’t want to advise any one wrong, I will however be explaining how I got on with using each of these product. So, I’m pretty confident to say that I believe these to be sample sized, they are the exact same product, I just received two of them this month. I am not at a point where I need to use a product like this and rather than just use it for the sake of it I gave these to my mum for her to try. From first using these my mum was quite impressed, she liked applying these after taking off her make-up and said it made her skin feel very smooth and soft.

IMG_4704 IMG_4709

This is the Teoxane Cosmiceuticals Night Skin Renewal Cream
I actually made a huge mistake one that actually you can’t say you’d really expect when you’ve only read the front of the packaging, but I applied this a few days after having a spray tan. I applied around the normal/ average amount you would do when applying a cream onto your face, within a few minutes my face it was dry but it didn’t feel right, so I rubbed over my skin gently with my hand and the cream actually began to come away, it turned into a soft solid and all of these little pieces were crumbling off my skin. It wasn’t something I expected nor wanted to experience and it did rub away all of my tan of my face! I’ll admit my skin felt smooth but I don’t think I would want to go through that just for my skin to be slightly softer.


This is the Noxidoxi Magnifiant Enhancing Serum Base
I don’t really know exactly what this product is, I believe from what I’ve read this is to hydrate, moisturise and tighten pores within your skin. On the packaging it does say to apply daily, morning and evening before your face cream. At first I was applying this both in the morning, after my shower and before my usual make-up routine and then at night before the application of the night cream. Personally I saw no benefit in using this product at all, so eventually I got to just using it in the morning and then now not at all. The product itself is a very very thin and lightweight gel/ oil that is cream in colour but drys transparent on your skin, there is one plus I found and that is that it does have a lovely scent!


This is the Lollipops Délicieuse Lip Balm
Unfortunately on the packaging the description is all in French and English is my only language so I have no idea what any of it says. On Glossybox’s website it describes this product to be ‘a colourless cream with a sweet scent of vanilla that repairs, protects and nourishes your lips’, again I have to say I am disappointed with this product, I just didn’t find it to benefit me at all, which is a huge shame and I wish I could say differently.

Thank you!
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