LÓréal Paris Million Lashes Féline Mascara

LÓréal Paris Million Lashes Féline Mascara


Boots.com | £9.99

Hi my lovelies, I understand this post is a little late coming but it is better late than never!

I purchased this mascara a few days after it was realised, from in a Boot’s store. To tell you the truth I wasn’t actually going to buy this mascara as I had been so disappointed with the million lashes excess mascara but with being a keen beauty lover and not giving up hope, I took one straight to the tills… well after looking at all of the other make-up first!


I am actually very glad that I didn’t give up hope as I do really like this mascara!


As you can see the brush head has a slight curve to it, with also being smaller and thinner towards the top. For me personally I feel this is a good thing as it does help to coat all of your lashes on application. I also feel with the brush being thicker/ wider towards the wand it enables more drama to your outer lashes. 



With mascara it’s always difficult to know how to photograph it but with knowing that when I’m looking at new mascaras I always prefer to see it on someones lashes;

here’s a couple of pictures of it on myself (please excuse my eyebrows they are a work in progress) 🙂 



Now you may or may not be thinking that this mascara on the lashes looks a bit ‘clumpy’, I had applied 3-4 layers of this mascara (shown in the pictures above), so make of that what you will. I did however find that with 1-2 layers it just didn’t give me the look I desired, so I went on to coat my lashes further and really build up the volume. One thing I do really like about this mascara is that it doesn’t try instantly, so with that I could in fact apply more layers evenly. I don’t personally see this mascara to give my lashes ‘clumps’, I just see it as built up volume!

Personally I feel this mascara gives me thicker and bolder lashes with that desired added length, I would happily wear this mascara through out any ordinary day or in fact for a special occasion or even for a night out!


Thank you for reading

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  1. 21/08/2015 / 19:08

    I bought this mascara too! I loved the brush shape and thought it would work well for me but I’m finding I have to use several coats to get the desired look I’m after! One-two coats just doesn’t do the trick, does it?! Great review and your eyebrows are looking good too! 🙂 xx


    • jellybluesblog
      22/08/2015 / 08:26

      Aw thank you! haha, thanks too! I know what you mean though and find the same! one-two coats just seems to give a very natural, plain look, I have to apply quite a few layers too! I like how it doesn’t dry quickly though! 🙂 xx

    • jellybluesblog
      22/08/2015 / 08:22

      Thank you! 🙂 xx

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