Benefit Air Patrol Eyelid Primer


Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer (, £21.50)

After only having this product for less than a week it has already become one of my new favourites!  


“Air patrol BB cream eyelid primer with SPF 20 contains EnviroDefend Complex known to help guard your delicate eyelids against sun, smoke and pollutants.”

(With using the information on the packaging as guidance):

This product is here to help with defending our eyelids from environmental stress, which includes: pollutions, sun and smoke. It has SPF 20 and shea extract as ingredients also to help protect our skin. This product claims to lock on eye shadow, protect, hydrate and colour-correct. It is has a cushion calm tip also, which describes on the packaging to be stress and pressure free.


Starting my review I feel it would be rude to Benefit to not just firstly and quickly mention their packaging of this product. As always Benefit take pride in the appearance of their beauty products, making each one unique but still suited. I love the packaging of this product and actually would have to say I think it is my favourite so far.


If you haven’t already got this product but are definitely thinking of getting it, I would say to you be very gentle when clicking round to release the product at first, as you seem to go on turning the base forever but then all of a sudden the primer comes from no where and next thing you know your wiping away valuable eye primer from the top (and unfortunately yes I am telling you this from experience!).


Now for the product itself;

I have actually applied this in two different ways; once over my face primer but underneath my foundation and then the other over my face primer and foundation. Out of the two I prefer applying this just after my face primer and therefore when nothing else (make-up wise) is on my face. Out of the two ways it doesn’t really matter I mean theres nothing wrong with putting in on top of your foundation, I just find it goes on, sits and blends easier when its really on my bare skin, I also feel it gives a smoother outcome of my foundation around my eyelids with it being there first. 

In terms of the application I really like it and find it a lot simpler, easier and more comfortable than a normal wand or pot type of eye primer. The formula itself is also very nice, it comes in one shade but that doesn’t matter, as this product turns transparent as you rub it into your skin. You also feel nothing, it drys instantly and it isn’t sticky nor wet in feeling. Personally I find this product to live up to what it says it can do, as I find when applying my eyeshadow it goes on a lot smoother and with no creases it lasts very well throughout the day.

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