New York City Scrapbook | 2015

My New York City Scrapbook!

Hi my lovelies! So this time last week I was in the very hot New York City and it was amazing!!

Now this post isn’t going to be a never ending page full of facts and information, it’s just some pictures I took on my travels with a bit about what I got up to and really what New York is like.

I was really lucky during my visit to be staying at the Crowne Plaza Times Square hotel. Staying there me and my friend were surrounded by the atmosphere and busy lifestyle and also got the full feeling of Times Square by night, which was amazing!

The following pictures are of New York, Times Square Broadway:

IMG_00291 IMG_00351  IMG_00331 IMG_00321 IMG_00311 IMG_00301

Being absolute tourists of course we hopped on a tour bus around New York, in which we went around Broadway, Brooklyn and had a good look at the Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Top of the Rocks and many many more!




Literally every other building is a sky scrapper but mostly each with a difference, it is an architects heaven!



Do you see Central Park peeking in the distance?


The advertising in New York is amazing! I could not help but picture this gorgeous Macy’s sign.


and one of the best attractions.. Sephora and MAC where on my doorstep (well.. just about)!



I’d never been to or shopped at a Sephora before New York and I have to say I can see why people love it so much! It’s amazing and beyond breathtaking.. a beauty lovers dream!

(I wish England had a Sephora!!)

Heres a lovely scenic view from the top of the Empire State building, 


and NY, Times Square Broadway by night..

I want to apologise for the bright, almost blurry lights, I only took a smaller compact digital camera with me and obviously not my usual one so my pictures are not of the highest quality, as hopefully usually.










Visiting Central Park during the day:

IMG_0175 IMG_0183 IMG_0187 IMG_0203

and finally views from the Top of the Rock, Rockefeller centre at night:

IMG_02791 IMG_02831 IMG_02871 IMG_02921

I had an amazing time in New York and of course I brought lots of goodies!! To keep down the length of this post I decided not to include what beauty products I got but will be making a separate: ‘beauty from New York’ post soon! So please subscribe to my blog to be the first to know! I did also take hundreds of pictures whilst I was there but for this post I narrowed them down. 

Thank you for reading

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  1. 03/09/2015 / 19:12

    Oh my gosh NYC looks absolutely incredible, I’ve been dying to visit for sooooooo long, ah one day…
    Your photos are gorgeous!
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

  2. 03/09/2015 / 18:43

    Lovely photos! I love NY so much! My fave things were probably Rockefeller, central park and the highline! Looking forward to your post about what you bought x

    Georgina | Rent or Chanel?

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