October Favourites 2015


I know I haven’t done a post like this in ages! but with loving so many products this month I felt now was as good a time as ever to make a reappearance!


So as we all know October is very nearly over, can you believe it? How quickly has this year, let alone this month gone! And now I have to say that this month I’ve really been loving skin care based products; from creams and primers, with then of course make-up itself, and within that I’ve also found myself to be really loving bronzers.


I also recently did a collab blog post with Gweni from gbeauty.co.uk on ‘my top 5 Autumnal lipsticks’, which you can read from following the link below, if you are interested.

‘My top 5 Autumnal lipsticks’ 

and so let’s get on with my October favourites..


N07 Lash & Brow Perfector, (Boots.com, £8.50)


Mine has turned slightly grubby in colouring, so for that I do apologise – I do in fact need to purchase another one of these when I am next in a Boots store.

I purchased this product a little while ago actually and to be honest it wasn’t entirely intentional, as I was just looking for any second product from the N07 counter – to then be entitled for the promotion that was on at the time. I’d saw products similar to this on the online beauty world for sometime and I really wanted to try one out. After using this for just the first time, I fell in love and wondered how I’d gone on so long without the use of this product in my life. It honestly makes such a difference, whether that is from the nature of this product or this particular product itself I don’t know, because as I say this is my first type of this sort of product, I would in fact like to try Urban Decay’s version to see if it is the same! 

This goes on clear, it isn’t overly wet, and it definitely isn’t sticky. After brushing this lightly through my brows it takes roughly about 40 seconds to dry and then if I need to I can apply a bit more powder or crayon to those sparser areas of my brows. Throughout the day I can say quite confidently that my brows do not move, and neither do they smudge. I also find this to hold all of the product that I apply onto brows throughout the day.

I would definitely recommend this product!!

Benefit Air Patrol Eyelid Primer, (Benefitcosmetics.co.uk, £21.50)


I have in fact reviewed this product previously on my blog – I will attach a link below for if you are wanting to take a further, more in depth read on this product!

Benefit Air Patrol Eyelid Primer Review

At first glance this product does appear to be quite expensive, with ignoring the fact that this is by Benefit also, but this is not just your average eye primer, as it is in fact a BB cream also. Being a BB cream based primer this not only saves your eyeshadow from creasing and rubbing away by the end of the day but it also helps your skin. I personally really love this product, as I find it to do exactly what it says it can do. For just in case you don’t know, this being: it primes my skin eye area for both foundation and eyeshadow, with also boosting the natural colouring in my skin first.

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder, (Benefitcosmetics.co.uk, £23.50)



I am probably more than centuries behind with loving this product but in my defence old favourites get rediscovered all the time.

I love this bronzer;

It is a beautiful shade which can appear either subtle or more intense depending of course on how much you wish to apply. It is also a very light powder which blends beautifully and effortlessly on the skin!

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream, (Boots.com, £1.99)


I actually got sent this product in the post a few weeks ago and I am so so thankful! As it is amazing!! 

At first and once I’d seen that this product is made by Sudocrem I have to admit I was quite excited, as I know personally and from word of mouth that Sudocrem is a strong and trustworthy brand, plus actually I didn’t even know that this product existed! Applying some of this onto my skin on the first night of receiving it I was amazed, from which I have been putting it on every night since! It makes my skin feel silky soft and very smooth. It is also excellent in helping to get rid of spots and at the same time controlling the absence of spots from your skin.

Plus for the price of £1.99 I would consider this to be a skincare essential!

*This product was not sent to me by Boots.com, but by a PR company*

NARS Velvet Shadow Stick – Hollywoodland, (Narscosmetics.co.uk, £20.00)



Amazingly NARS sent me this product just over a month ago and I am in love with it, so thank you NARS, so so much! 

I find this to be the perfect companion for this time of the year, plus it rolls on to my eyelids effortlessly, giving a good pigmented foiled gold effect. The consistency of the eyeshadow itself is creamy and light, plus it also blends incredibly well.

NARS Audacious Lipstick – Brigitte, (Narscosmetics.co.uk, £24.00)


If you are a follower of my Instagram account then you have with-out a doubt saw this lipstick before, as it has been a favourite of mine for some time. In fact the only down side to NARS is that there isn’t a NARS counter in my home city, so I can’t purchase more shades! This lipstick is creamy, very well pigmented and just an overall beautiful shade. It lasts very well throughout the day and goes on to my lips very smoothly, despite it having quite a matte finish.

I would definitely recommend NARS Audacious lipsticks!


Also this month!

I have been really loving Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara (surprise, surprise!), and MAC’s lipstick, in the shade “Plumful”, which has a lustre finsh. I have in fact reviewed these two products before on my blog, so I will leave the links to those blog posts below.


My top 5 Autumnal lipsticks


My mini Debenham’s haul: Estée Lauder and Benefit

Thank you for reading! 

What have your favourite products been this month? Let me know in the comments below..

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