Cohorted Beauty Box | November 2015


It honestly gives me such pleasure in being able to write this review, as I have lusted over the Cohorted beauty edition box for some time! As my readers will know I am a Glossybox subscriber however sometimes some of the lower quality of beauty brands included can lead to slight disappointment, which yes I know does reflect from the price paid. Don’t get me wrong however sometimes I do really like my monthly Glossybox and think it is an excellent way for people to get a variety of different beauty products.

The Cohorted beauty edition box costs £35.00 per month, which is a recurring payment/ subscription – until manually cancelled. At first I did hesitate as £35.00 is a lot of money to gamble with for basically a lucky dip of beauty products, but when I thought about it the Cohorted beauty box gives you a selection of products that exceed the value of what you pay so nothing can really be that bad, can it?


Opening up my Cohorted beauty box for the first time I did feel mixed emotions, as before signing up to Cohorted’s beauty edition box I first saw a picture of the Sigma F60 18 Carat Gold foundation brush, and seeing this was one of the main reasons that I decided to give the Cohorted box a try. From a first glance at my box I could see that this brush was not included and it was only later on that I discovered you either get the Sigma brush OR the Cargo cosmetics palette, which I can understand as each are a good sum of money, however it would of been nice for that to be noticeably clear from the beginning.


Slightly more in depth than Glossybox I received an information booklet, which gives a little information about the brand (included) and then a small description of the individual product received also.

and here is what is included in November’s box:

Nails Inc | Nail Polish – x2 

Left: Chelsea Flower Show / Right: Colville Mews


RRP: £11.00 per nail polish

I have used nail polishes from the Nails Inc brand before and they were really lovely and good quality nail polishes, so I am therefore really looking forward to using these. Particular the beige shade – Colville Mews, as I feel this would look really pretty as a base coat with then a nice glittery polish on top.

Cargo Cosmetics

The Essentials Eye Shadow Palette


RRP: £35.00

So as you can see I received the Cargo Cosmetics eye shadow palette, which actually now and after using this I am really glad about!


This is a really good eye palette for everyday use as it contains a lot of nude/ light shades. The eyeshadows themselves are very light, creamy and blend very lovely too.

One thing I have found with using this palette is that the eyeshadow’s are not very pigmented, so to really achieve a colour you do need to build them up.

Laura Mercia

The Flawless Facebook Palette – Shade: Nude/Sand


RRP: £38.00

I love the name of this palette – as it is describing itself as every girls need for the ‘perfect’ Facebook profile picture.


I haven’t actually used this palette since first opening my box and discovering it, this may sound quite silly but in one way I almost feel quite intimidated as to where to start with it, so I may have to head over to YouTube and find some video tutorials first!

Chloé | Eau de Parfum – 1.2ml Sample


If I’m honest I didn’t really appreciate finding this in my box not because this is horrible or anything of the sort, it’s just Cohorted offer two boxes – a fragrance box and a beauty box. I of course purchased this one, the beauty box and therefore expect to find beauty products. Being as they do offer a fragrance box as well I don’t really see why they would include a fragrance in their beauty box, but there we go.

Talking about the perfume itself, its nice, I mean it isn’t one that I would go out and buy but I will use the sample that I received. It’s quite a strong, powerful scent which isn’t really what I go for – as I prefer sweet and florally scents.

Bare Minerals

Instant Eye Reviver


RRP: £15.00

I mean I definitely haven’t saw a product like this before, so really how to apply and how to apply it effectively is something that I do need to investigate further as this looks a very interesting product to me.

If you do of course own any of the products included in this post and have any tips or ideas for using them please do let me know in the comments below, as it would really be appreciated and help to me! 

Overall I am pleased with the November beauty box by Cohorted, I feel it is well worth it’s price in which I have paid and look forward to receiving next months box in December.

Thank you for reading, Love Jess x

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  1. 17/11/2015 / 17:27

    You’re making me jealous at all the gorgeous items you received!
    Charlotte //

    • jellybluesblog
      18/11/2015 / 15:22

      Sorrry, I promise you that is never my intention! 🙂 x

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