MAC Enchanted Eve Brush Kit: Essentials Collection


For me Christmas alone is an exciting time of the year but also around this festive time of the year brings a gorgeous MAC brush kit. Last year saw MAC’s holiday keepsakes and this year we have the Enchanted Eve brush kits. Three are available – the basics, the essentials and lastly the mineralize kit. I am sharing with you all today the essentials kit.

MAC Enchanted Eve Brush Kit – The Essentials

( – £45.00)


Last year I was extremely lucky, as I found the MAC studio brush collection sitting underneath my Christmas tree. This year, being slightly more obsessed with the beauty world, I knew I couldn’t wait until Christmas Day and therefore treated myself to a MAC brush kit early. Out of the three kits available I felt the essentials was best suited to the type of make-up I use and how I like to apply it all. In one way I don’t really feel like £45.00 is an excessive amount of money, as the normal short handled 129 brushes by MAC are still £28.00 each – although I must point out that these brush heads themselves are more petite than a normal or SH brush.


So as you can see you get five brushes in this kit:

168 Large angled contour brush • 133 Small cheek brush • 221 Mini tapered blending brush • 239 Eye shader brush • 219 Pencil brush

and so here is each brush in a little more depth..

168 Large Angled Contour Brush


This is a petite angled powder brush, and it’s fair to say that I have quite a few angled powder brushes in my collection, so I do have a fair idea of which brushes are better than others.

This brush is extremely soft! and it blends beautifully. I like to use this after applying my bronzing powder (with a different brush, I might add), as I find this to add more defined colouring and to really sit well in the outline of my cheek bone/s, however I would just like to also add that you can achieve a more natural and subtle look with using this brush – it all depends on the product you use, how much is on your brush and how lightly you brush it onto your skin – and don’t forget circular movements are a great way to blend beautifully.

133 Small Cheek Brush


This brush is again extremely soft and light. As it describes it is small but just like they say ‘all good things come in small packages’, as it is one of those brushes that you use if you like more control over your make-up (and look), and by that I mean if you like your blush to go in a pacific area on your face and in a particular direction then this brush will be very handy to you.

239 Shader Brush


I have to say that I do already own a MAC 239 brush and of course it is exactly the same. This brush is great for dusting over a light colour of eyeshadow, or in fact using it in the complete opposite way, it is also great for applying a hint of a darker shade around your crease.

219 Pencil Brush


Out of all of my pencil brushes I do have to stick with the Sigma E30 brush as my favourite, just for the reason being that this brush is so soft that in a way in makes it quite difficult to achieve precision and definition. I do however like to use this brush to apply darker shades of shadow in my crease line and occasionally on my lower lash line for if I am wanting a much larger smokier blended look.

221 Mini Tapered Blending Brush


I really like this brush, as it is the most petite blending brush I own, which makes it great for creating a much more controlled look. It is just like all the other brushes included in this kit and that is of course; smooth, extremely soft and very light to the touch. This brush is also really handy for applying a base colour of eye shadow all over the lid.


As you may have seen each of these brushes are limited edition, in a sense of their packaging alone. They have been designed especially for this festive season, and each brush has a metallic coloured band instead of the standard silver. Included in this kit you also get a very corporate clutch bag, which personally I would describe as a very trendy brush bag, as it is able to fit all of these brushes comfortably with allowing extra room for other bits and bobs.

Overall I would recommend these brush kits for if you are either a MAC lover or a brush addict or maybe both, I think you would definitely appreciate these.

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