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If you have a lot of make-up brushes then I’m sure you know already that when it comes to keeping them together there can be many different problems.

Firstly, how many vases is too many… I mean it’s all very well having one vase for face powder brushes and another for eyes but when does the attractiveness of having lots of different vases of brushes on your dressing table start to loose its sparkle. Then there can be damage; brushes can cost a small fortune, and with that you want to make sure that they’re always looking at their best, but when putting A LOT of brushes in one vase they can become very compact, with their bristles squashed against each other, the natural shape of a brush can be adjusted, and bristles can become loose and pushed away from it’s supposed shape.

All in all you want to be looking after your brushes!





I have seen this idea around the beauty world for some time, and then after visiting many Sephora stores in my recent trip to New York City I noticed Sephora show off their gorgeous brushes in this way also.

So with taking no credit myself, here is how to make a Sephora inspired brush holder…


1. To start off you need to get yourself some plastic or glass vase fillers, which are also known as colorfill vase fillers or beads. Personally I would recommend plastic to be the best choice, just because glass may be a little delicate.

These beads are originally designed for holding artificial flowers, or if you buy ones which are able to soak up water – real flowers too, but these are made to be able to free stand flower stems – so do not worry as when put together these tiny and delicate little beads compact together and become very rigid!

I found mine (as shown above) from a fairly local florist shop in my home city, and these were around £1.80 each. I also picked up two acrylic vases to put my brushes in. Of course you don’t have to have a clear vase but I personally think it looks a lot nicer and with having coloured beads you want to show them off!


2. There’s literally nothing technical to it – all you have to do is pour the beads in to your vase and then give it a slight shake to make sure they are all level.



3. And lastly, pop your brushes in.

With having quite long handled brushes myself I personally like to fill my vases up to near the top, as I find then that my brushes are more supported and are less likely to move about. 


As you can see this handy and quite pretty little idea keeps your brushes secure and also damage free, as not one brush is touching!

With having just a quick look I have sourced these two options: 

Amazon UK: Colorfill diamond Vase Fillers 

Amazon US: Colorfill diamond Vase Fillers

but of course these are available elsewhere and in many different brands, so Amazon is not your only option.

Thanks for reading

love Jess x

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