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As Christmas is coming upon us ideas and wish lists are becoming even more real. After purchasing this brush collection just over a month ago myself, I may have just found you one to add to the list!

Sigma – Mr. Bunny Travel Kit – Professional Brush Collection, (, £56.33)

“The Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Travel Kit was specially designed to deliver a perfect makeup application. This kit contains seven travel-size brushes from our best-selling Essential Kit that utilise the Sigmax™ HD filament. The brushes come in an innovative and functional container that turns into two brush holders to keep you stylish, organised and vegan-friendly.” Sigma Mr. Bunny Travel Kit Packaging, 10.11.15


The seven brushes included in this collection, are:

Pencil – E30 • Tapered Blending – E40  • Eye Shading – E55 • Small Angle – E65 • Large Powder – F30 • Large Angled Contour – F40 • Foundation – F60

Kit Color: Black


As receiving these through the post I was very pleased with the care that had gone in to protecting my brushes, obviously this is standard and not just because I ordered them online but I thought it was worth a good mention that these brushes are well sealed and protected whilst being packaged!

Included in this kit you also receive the handy and even prettier Sigma brush holder, which appears to be very well made.


To tell you the truth I was actually quite surprised once I’d opened this collection, as with this being a travel kit and for the price I paid I expected very small, hard to use brushes! But, these brushes are (to me) just smaller than what I expect from a standard sized brush, I mean I measured one of these against a standard Real Techniques eye brush and it was only a tiny bit smaller!

Large Powder Brush – F30


It would be difficult to say I had a favourite out of this collection, as they are all so good!

The texture of this brush is very smooth and very soft, and I can very happily say that I use this brush a lot! In fact it’s taken over the role of my MAC 129 powder/ blush brush. I use this brush everyday to apply my MAC studio fix powder + foundation, as I find that this gives me a quicker, more even and more subtle finish when using powder.

Foundation Brush – F60


Personally I don’t really use foundation brushes, as I prefer to apply my foundation using Urban Decay’s Optical blurring brush, but for the few times that I do use a foundation brush I would now use this! It is again, very smooth, soft and silky, plus it blends foundation in to the skin very naturally. I would recommend for you to use a beauty blender after this, just really for reassurance that your foundation is well blended in to your skin.

Large Angled Contour Brush – F40


I’m going to start off with just saying that I absolutely adore this brush and with out a doubt love using it each and everyday. It is very similar to the large powder brush (as shown above), being also very soft and smooth in texture. With using powder based products this brush enables a good, smooth and even application, that overall doesn’t appear heavy on the skin.

Tapered Blending Brush – E40


Again, I have to say that I love this brush! The bristles are smooth, soft and gentle in texture, that feel lovely when against the skin. This applies powdered eyeshadow extremely lightly, which means you can effortlessly build up the strength of colour and look you are going for.

Pencil Brush – E30


Yet again this is another brush that I completely love and use each time I decide to wear eyeliner.

It is designed for applying and smudging shadow on the lower and upper lash lines but I personally use this brush for smudging crayon eyeliner on my lower lash line. If I did however want to create a smokey liner look on my upper lid I would also be sure to use this.

Small Angled Brush – E65


If you are a reader of my blog then you’ll know already that I don’t really wear winged eyeliner and if I do I have to use an eyeliner pen or felt tip. All I can really say about this brush is that when considering the rest of this brush collection, I imagine it to be one of the best there is because if you haven’t of guessed it already I am in love with this Sigma kit!

Eye Shading Brush – E55


I almost feel like a broken record.. but I am going to say it YET again, I love this brush!

This is one of those brushes that you don’t really take a whole lot of notice of but you use it all the time and it’s one that you’ll always go for. It holds powdered eyeshadow incredibly well and even those ‘dusty’ ones that usually create dust all over your freshly highlighted cheek bones. The bristles are actually quite compact however this remains very soft and very smooth to the touch of your skin.


Overall, I love this collection and honestly don’t know how I’ve managed without it for all of this time.

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Thank you for reading

Love Jess


Don’t forget to leave me your comments below, maybe your thinking of buying this collection or have a different current favourite that you’d like to share.. as always I’d love to hear!

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