A Perfect MAC Lip Combo


Taking advantage of Debenham’s amazing beauty sales I picked up these two lip products by MAC a couple of weeks ago, with them both having a lovely 10% off their retail price.

I picked up a satin lipstick in the shade Brave and a lip pencil in the shade Soar


I do feel a little late here on the bandwagon but with seeing these two lip products being described everywhere as the ‘perfect lip combination’, I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about!

Satin Lipstick – in the shade: Brave



This lipstick has a satin finish – which actually is best described as being a combination of both matte and gloss. The matte part to this lipstick, is of course very much in fashion right now, but also defuses the shine on your lips. With then the satin/ gloss element bringing in hydration and an easier application. With this being a MAC lipstick you couldn’t really expect anything less than a high pigmented, full colour.


I would describe the shade of this lipstick, being ‘Brave’, to be a pink, muted rose red with a soft beige undertone.

I am loving this lipstick currently, as it is one that I am definitely wearing a lot of.

Lip Pencil – in the shade: Soar


Let’s just start of the review of this product with saying that this is my first ever MAC lip pencil.. in fact it’s really my first lip pencil EVER… that I’ve used properly that is!

As I’m sure you know, this shade of lip pencil by MAC is VERY popular, and I have to be honest it did take me a little while to get holt of this with it being out of stock everywhere. The shade of this is absolutely gorgeous! I mean its a shade that I would happily wear alone.


I would describe Soar to be a pink, reddy brown.

This lip pencil is very smooth and actually glides onto the lips with a soft and light texture. It lasts very well throughout the day, with actually if I’m honest the lipstick wearing away first!


I just love this combination, it is one that I feel comfortable wearing casually or alternatively for more of a special occasion!

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Please let me know in the comments below with your favourite lip combinations, or lip pencils that you recommend!

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