Cohorted Beauty Box | December 2015


Cohorted Beauty Box – December 2015 | Unboxing

Monthly subscription boxes are a gamble, but when you receive products that you know and love it does give you confidence!

This is my second Cohorted beauty box since starting my subscription, you can read about my first box – November’s Cohorted beauty box, if you are interested.

My first reaction to this box was amazement, it is with-out a doubt the best subscription box I have ever received! I cannot believe the value for money with this box either: as you receive Two NARS products, a MAC lipstick, a TooFaced Blush bronzer and a sample of Marc Jacobs Dot perfume.

This months Cohorted box was in fact a collaboration box (just like December’s Glossybox), as the beauty picks were by TSNC (Thou Shalt Not Covet). 

and so here is what is included in December’s beauty box..


Too Faced | Soul Mates Blush Bronzer – In the shade: Ross & Rachel | RRP: £28.00


I have a sneaky feeling here that the inspiration behind the name of this shade was taken from a ‘Friends’ lover!


The shade: Ross & Rachel is described as a medium to deep bronzer with a slight shimmer, which is also combined with the perfect pop of pink blush.

I admit this is my first Too Faced blush/ bronzer ever, but I have confidence as I have heard A LOT of positive feedback about these types of products. Plus, just from testing out a few swatches (as shown below) I found the texture and consistency to be really nice, with the shade also being well pigmented and both really pretty colours. I am definitely excited to try this product out!


Starting from the third swatch (left to right): the bronzer, the blush and then on the last swatch is them both together.

(Sorry I realise the swatches picture is little faint – If anyone wants to see a clearer picture please let me know in the comments below)

Marc Jacobs | Dot Purfume – Sample size


Now I did say this last time and I am going to say it again but I do not believe as part of a beauty box you should receive a perfume sample as one of the main items given, especially when Cohorted do offer a separate fragrance subscription box! However and luckily this perfume is just my cup of tea, as it is a scent that I would usually wear and would buy.

Just as it is described this perfume is very sweet and florally.

MAC | Satin Lipstick – In the shade: Rebel | RRP: £15.50


A MAC lipstick?!?! Yes that was and still is my reaction to seeing this sitting in my box.


I cannot believe I have opened a subscription beauty box and found a MAC lipstick, I mean of course Cohorted’s beauty box is described to include higher branded make-up and you do pay £35.00 a month, so you do expect good quality products, perhaps I am being slightly dramatic however I am so pleased! I have wanted to try this lipstick shade since seeing it included in my friend Gweni’s ‘5 Autumnal lipsticks’ blog post – which we actually collaborated in!

My top 5 Autumnal Lipsticks


ooo la la!

NARS | Pure Sheer SPF Treatment – In the shade: Aurore/Lara | RRP: £19.99


NARS is becoming very close to being my top favourite higher make-up brand! So when I saw this product sitting in my box I was delighted.


I had never heard of this product previously or really knew what it is for, but it is described in the Cohorted booklet (that came with my box) as – ‘Sheer tints of colour that nourish and hydrate dry, chapped lips. The rich and creamy texture protects lips and provides beautiful shine’. So with that in mind I am very pleased with this type of product, as I feel it is perfect for this time of the year when lips are prone to drying out and becoming more chapped than usual. I have used this product once up to now and I really like it – I actually find it to look nice over just a simple lip liner, as you do get a hint of colour on the lips with this product.


NARS | Flat Concealer Brush – No7 | RRP: £20.50


What more could you really wish for?! I mean it’s both a brush and a NARS product!

 I have always had my eye on the NARS brushes, as they look so pretty and such good quality but they are sooo expensive, and I don’t really know why but I can never bring myself to spend that much on just one brush – that really I don’t need in life, I want yes but don’t need. So finding this in my box this month was once again amazing.

Overall I am so pleased with the Cohorted beauty box this month, and with this month’s in mind I am so excited to see January’s box.. next year!!!! Wow

As always if I find anything to be out of this world amazing I will share it with you once again, but you will probably see some of these products in future posts anyway – including future monthly favourites.

Thank you for reading, 

Love Jess x

December 2015 Glossybox – Unboxing

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    Omg this is amazing!!! I have been after the other shade of the Soul Mates duo for ages but just can’t get my hands on it. I can’t believe you get those Nars products also. | Alexandra xx

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