Glossybox December 2015 | Unboxing


It’s that time of the month again, which means only one thing..

Glossybox is back!


December’s Glossybox was made in collaboration with Really Ree, which as a blogger myself makes me very excited!

With Glossybox collaborating with Really Ree this month it has meant a couple of changes from the usual monthly box. Firstly the design, I mean theres no mistaking the fact that this a limited edition style of box. The rose gold is both very pretty and very festive! Then theres the quantity of products inside, as usually you receive 4 products but with this one you get 5.


(Please excuse the lighting within this picture.. I have no idea what happened!)

I am also loving the beautifully designed folded information card, I mean I am a sucker for a good piece of graphic design.

and so here is what is included..


L’OCCITANE | Shea Face Comforting Oil – Retail price: £29

Please note – included is NOT a full size product


This reportedly offers your skin “a balance between nourishment, repair and protection”.

Now I have to be honest products like this don’t usually excite me, as of really the whole application process – I do usually forget to put them on my skin and then eventually they end up being in the bottom of a draw somewhere. However, I am happily going to give this product a try, I mean you have to try all things at least once don’t you? I of course know that L’Occitane has a good reputation and is a much favoured brand, so that does give me a lot of confidence. My skin also at the moment is very dry and quite ‘tight’ from the cold weather so I am interested to see if this can help.

Essence | Liquid Lipstick in Show Off – Retail price: £2.50

This is a full size product


If you didn’t know already liquid lipsticks are hugely in fashion at the moment! From Anastasia Beverley Hills to NYX cosmetics, it is safe to say that there are many brands taking on this new beauty craze. I was very interested to see this product sitting in my Glossybox this month, I think it is going to be interesting to see as to whether a much more affordable drugstore brand can develop the look and last that everyone is craving.

So Susan | Statement Skin Highlighter Pencil – Retail price: £15.00

This is a full size product


So Susan is a brand that I have seen in Glossybox previously – and I was happy with the quality of the brand from trying those products in the past. So when I did see this sitting in my box I was quite excited.


This is a highlighter pencil, so of course like many other highlighter sticks you glide this on to your cheekbones and blend gently, but I have to say that I have never seen a highlighter stick like this before. The shape of the stick itself is very interesting, and actually I think will make the application a lot easier and simpler. But we shall see.

Etre Belle | Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll On – Retail price: £30.66

Please note – included is NOT a full size product


This product I am very happy about, I haven’t heard of it before nor really of any product similar.

This is an eye roll on ‘cooling gel’, which reportedly soothes and hydrates delicate skin for around tired eyes.

Collection | Long Lasting Nail Effects – Retail price: £2.99

This is a full size product


A shimmery and glitzy polish to brighten up your nails!

and for the fifth product!..

Starskin | Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Mask – Retail price: £8.50


For the fifth and final product Really Ree have lovingly arranged for each Glossybox subscriber to receive a facial mask by Starskin.

So I am allergic to normal face masks but I am hoping that this reacts differently as I have heard of this brand before and with that have heard positive feedback!

 If you are interested in subscribing to Glossybox then here is a link to the website >

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