MAC Irresistbly Charming Patentpolish Pink Collection


During Christmas time, higher-end (make-up) brands definitely get more into the Christmas spirit.. thank god! and each year, as I’m sure your already aware, MAC creates a new and beautiful, limited edition Christmas collection.

I’ve had my eye on the MAC Patentpolishes since I realised they were about earlier this year. However, with not really being a massive fan of chunky lip crayons, I didn’t really know if I was even going to like these, and for that reason I didn’t want to go all out and spend £17.50 on one product that I didn’t 100% love at the timeThen, as if by magic, MAC released a Patentpolish Christmassy themed set – including four miniature sized products, in the most beautiful shades for £26.00; which if my maths are correct works out as £6.50 each, not including the packaging. 

When considering that this is a limited edition set and that still miniatures can be costly, I didn’t really think that the price was all that bad, especially as the Pink set included three shades that I really wanted to try.





As you can see from within the picture above, up to the white plastic neck trim is where these lip products end – I would also just like to point out that these lip products are new and have not been used as of yet. So, in reality you don’t get a huge amount of the product itself. 


After trying and wearing each of the shades included, I can tell you that they are very lovely! In consistency they are very soft and smooth, and with that they glide onto the lips effortlessly with delivering a good pigmented colour too. In fact one of the first things I noticed was that you didn’t really need to layer up the colour to build it’s intensity, as you see the shade and colour clearly from just one application. 

I did find however that these are fairly similar in application as chunky lip crayons – they’re definitely not as bad but just very similar… 

Thank you, love Jess x 


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