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It actually comes to Jemma, from to thank for the inspiration of today’s post, as yes I am very proud of the amount of beauty related content on my blog however I myself like to read other lifestyle related posts and with that I wanted to add some more personal write ups in my own blog to share with my readers.

When it comes to organising my blog I like to keep lots of lists – yes I am one of those annoying list making girls. I can’t say I actually know what it is about making lists that I like so much, I have just always made them; throughout college I literally perfected and wrote out a new list each and every day – I was the list making queen! Now I keep I want to say one list however I do have other forms of keeping track of my blogs content and other things I have to do.


Of course I have many more ideas but I’m going to keep them a secret..

On my huge posit note pad I like to write down all of my ideas for blog posts to come; these are in no particular order, I literally  just cross them off as I go along. Although saying that with my OCD coming out this list is rewritten more than twice a week! Then as a new 7 day week is approaching I head over to my huge A4 calendar diary to write down which titles I am planning for my post days ahead – on individual days I will also write particular notes or things that I must do and with that the emails in which I must reply to or sort out. As you know I now have my ideas and with that have sorted out the priority of these ideas for my blogs content, but blog aside I still have quite a busy life, going here and there for the other work in which myself and my family do, but with all of this I tend to sit in a car/ van for a little while – giving me a lot of chances to write up some notes and jot down some good chunks of text towards any reviews, etc. This is where my A4 ‘Live the life you have imagined’ notebook comes into play.. I take this more or less everywhere with me and honestly the whole organisation of my blog has been so much easier and simpler since I have started doing this! As far as photography and the pictures go, I do this when I feel the need to of course if something comes that I must photograph immediately I will do this first but other than those I keep all of my taken photographs in separate folders on my computer and pick and choose as I please.

Thank you!
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