Cohorted Beauty Box | January 2016


Just like Glossybox Cohorted have also graced 2016 with it’s presence. This months box includes four products which are all full size On first reaction to opening January’s box I was actually a little surprised, as to find one very similar product that was in December’s box last year – this product is of course different with the shade in which it is in.



As you will probably have noticed from within the pictures above this box never arrived with the usual beauty booklet – to explain each product in a little more detail and give prices etc. Basically to cut a long story short parts of England have suffered very bad flooding in the past month and it has caused a lot of problems for both residents and businesses around. Cohorted must therefore be based around that area and so the box had to be dispatched later in the month than expected. Cohorted were it’s fair to say extremely apologetic and sometimes these things just happen, with this Cohorted had to cancel a printed booklet; to get the box out on time and have instead sent a digital booklet via email.

To start off I’m going to go to the first product in which I reached for when first opening my box and that is of course the Cargo lip gloss quad – in the shade Argentina.

Cargo Lip Gloss Quad – in the shade: Argentina
Retails: £15.00



Cargo is a brand in which I am beginning to get more familiar with, I understand that this product does indeed retail at £15.00, which for lip glosses I would consider rather expensive, but then I don’t really wear or like lip glosses so that is probably just me. The packaging to this product is very clever, as you could pop this in your handbag, keep it in a drawer or bag or even take it travelling – it is extremely lightweight and quite compact. Now as I have said I don’t wear or really like lip glosses but for the purpose of this post I did in fact try this product out and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The lip glosses themselves are very light and thin in texture with them also having NO tacky feeling, which for me is a massive bonus. I would consider wearing these over a subtle and simple lip pencil.

TooFaced Soul Mates Blush Bronzer – in the shade: Carrie & Big
Retails: £28.00



If you keep up to date with Cohorted beauty box posts you’ll know that this is the product in which I was referring to earlier, as last month the TooFaced Soul mates blush bronzer in the shade Ross & Rachel was included and now we have the same product but however in a different shade and I could not be happier!! I absolutely love Ross & Rachel, it was included in my December monthly favourites post too, so now I am delighted that I am able to use and love a new shade.

Lancome Corrector Pro – in the shade: 300 C Bisque
Retails: £29.00



I can’t say that I’ve ever used a product like this before but I do however like the quality of Lancome products. Concealing under my eyes is a thing that I’ve only more recently started to do so I am looking forward to experimenting and trying this product out.

TooFaced Lip Injection Color Bomb – in the shade: Eastwood Red
Retails: £19.00



I love how many TooFaced products you get in the Cohorted beauty boxes!!!

I’m definitely praying for a Chocolate soleil bronzer soon

Wowza!! this lip product gives quite the impression! The shade is quite a deep red, which I wouldn’t perhaps go out of my way to buy but never the less a product that I am looking forward to trying out.


I did in fact try a small sample of this on my lips and without thinking couldn’t understand why my lips where tingling and feeling very strange, then light bulb moment did I realise that this product is called lip injection for a reason – it contains TooFaced’s best-selling lip injection plumping technology. Truly the most strangest feeling swatch I’ve ever done!


Overall I am very pleased with this months box, as in total it’s box worth is £96.50 and I paid £35.00. The Cohorted beauty box is a subscription that I am very happy with at the moment and with that am excited for future boxes to come!

Thank you!
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