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With Christmas and all of the gorgeous seasonal themed collections now being well and truly over it comes to other special holiday events to make an impression. With Valentines day being just over 3 weeks away we have seen a new limited edition bath bomb hit the Lush website, with possibly some stores too! 

I was actually having a nose around on the Lush website just over a week ago – from seeing MANY lovely bath bombs and bubble bars around on Instagram. Being on Lush’s website and seeing some of the limited editions I could not help but treat myself to a few.



Unicorn Horn – Bubble Bar | £4.25
They’re real!
Okay, so I just watched the short video clip on Lush’s website and where are my stars?? I can appreciate that Lush bath bombs and bubble bars are handmade however when Lush advertise a bubble bar to look a certain way I do expect to get what I pay for – sad face! Also I wanted to just say that this bubble bar is surprisingly small, maybe it is just me but when seeing this in pictures and in the short video clip it appears fairly big… but moaning aside I can’t help but love this bubble bar, I mean it’s a glittery multi-coloured cone that smells divine and I must admit I am saving it for a more deserving bath!



Rose Jam – Bubble Bar | £3.75
As far as I understand this bubble bar is not in anyway a new product however this particular one is from their new formula range and with that a scent that I’ve always wanted to try. It is extremely pink and sparkly – every princess’s dream! but I wouldn’t personally describe the scent as ‘rose jam’, to me jam would have quite a sweet scent and personally I wouldn’t describe this as sweet, you can however definitely smell the rose flavourings. This bubble bar also makes your bath water a lovely pink colour with of course adding lots of lovely bubbles!


Sunnyside – Bubble Bar | £4.75
Strike gold!
Another bubble bar I know but I just could not resist! This is my new absolute favourite; it smells SO so good! Plus it is completely golden and covered in golden glitter! The scent is quite sweet with it containing sweet orange oil and both lemon and tangerine oils too.


Lover Lamp – Bath Bomb | £3.95
Heart-crossed lovers!
Saving possibly one of the best till last is the Valentines bath bomb – Lover lamp. Now I have actually used this bath bomb already and straight after I went back onto Lush’s website and purchased a further two! I love it! I mean the white cocoa butter melts away more or less immediately however the five quite large red buttery, jelly hearts float around in your bath for ages!

Thank you!
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  1. 17/02/2016 / 23:07

    I was surprised how small it was too, the photos make it look huge. Felt a little sad when my mam showed me it haha! I’m hoping Lover Lamp is left in store tomorrow as I want it soooo bad. Sunnyside sounds like it’ll smell lush but the glitter cleaning!! x

    Tamz |

    • jellybluesblog
      18/02/2016 / 13:43

      Oh do they, sorry about that! Lover lamp is amazing, by far one of my favourites out there. Oh it does, Sunnyside is one of those that just stays in my Lush bowl staying and smelling pretty haha x

  2. 29/01/2016 / 01:06

    Rose Jam bubble bar is one of my favourites – It’s such a gorgeous scent and I love how many bubbles you get from using part of it. I much prefer bath bombs!
    Jess | xox

  3. 27/01/2016 / 17:44

    I love a good Lush Haul! <3 My Unicorn Horn doesn't have stars in either.. It did last year though 🙁 Maybe it was a dodgy batch! Rose Jam is my all time favourite ever. It makes your skin lovely and soft and smell divine if you use enough of it. Never tried Sunnyside so will have to give that a go, let me know what it's like 🙂

    teabee | UK Lifestyle and Beauty blog xo

    • jellybluesblog
      27/01/2016 / 17:52

      I know! I’m gutted. When I was checking the Lush website for details I saw the video clip at the top and was like… what theirs have stars! Maybe we did get a dodgy batch. I used half of my rose jam yesterday and couldn’t believe how many bubbles it created, and the scent was sooo good! I will of course let you know what Sunnyside is like when I get round to using it! Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 x

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