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Recently AEOS Skincare sent me this gorgeous kit of their products to review on my blog. For those of you who don’t know already I have collaborated with AEOS before, with the post published on I did however review the Blue kit for Glossyfinds and am now of course reviewing the Pink skincare kit on my own blog. The simple difference between the two kits is that Blue is designed for normal skin and Pink for dry skin.

AEOS Skincare Kit – Blue & Pink | £68.00


With this kit it recommends to use each product in the following sequence given;

Phase 1:
To begin, cleanse with Gentle Cleansing Lotion and follow with Gentle Exfoliant.
The Gentle Cleansing Lotion is a soft and smooth cream, which absorbs into the skin cooling and hydrating. It also has a fairly strong perfume’y scent, which personally I don’t like all that much as I find it to be quite overpowering. The lotion however leaves the skin very soft and prepared for the next step. The Gentle Exfoliant actually as exfoliants go is much softer and kinder to skin, as the main base to this is a lightweight cream but then inside micro beads begin to appear as you rub it into your skin in circular motions. This exfoliant has a much softer scent which I really like and prefer.
Phase 2: Rebalance
Then, apply Engerising Conditioner followed by Refreshing Hydrating Mist
This Engerising conditioner is the same as the one included in the Blue kit, therefore I have used this product before. Like then I still feel this is remarkably cooling on the skin, which also has a very very thin consistency. The Refreshing Hydrating Mist is again a product I have used in the past, I still feel it has an application similar to a finishing or setting spray, and actually gives a nice break between applying all of those creams and lotions.
Phase 3: Replenish
To finish, apply Realive Serum followed by Enriching Moisturiser
The Realive Serum is by far one of my favourite steps; its extremely lightweight, liquid’y gel formula absorbs and melts into the skin effortlessly and leaves it feeling very hydrated at the same time. This product does have a lavender essence to the scent, which actually I thought I wouldn’t like but with using this product on more than one occasion I haven’t found it to be a problem at all. Following on to the Enriching Moisturiser this is again a product that I really enjoy using. It has a lemon infused scent which is by far my favourite scent from this whole entire kit, and as expected with this being a moisturiser of course this absorbs into the skin softly and smooth.

Phase 1:
To begin, remove makeup and pollution with Cleansing Oil de Maq and follow by cleansing with Dew Facial Wash
Since owning my Make-up Eraser I can’t say I like using other products to take of my make-up with, but for the benefit of this review I did give the Cleansing Oil de Maq a try once again. This product I can’t say I enjoy using all that much, I mean just like using it from the Blue kit the first time I find it to be incredibly oily and just to have a really thick liquid consistency that I don’t feel comfortable placing around my eye area. When using this around my face; cheeks and forehead I have to admit it picks up traces of my make-up clean and swiftly. Moving on to using the Dew facial wash, which also has an amazing lemon and honey scent! To use this you spray a few drops of the product into a bowl or sink full of warm water and using a cloth lightly dab this mixture over your face. Personally I feel this stage really refreshes your skin and opens up your pores.
Phase 2: Rebalance
Then, apply Engerising Conditioner followed by Refreshing Hydrating Mist
Phase 3: Replenish
To finish, apply Realive Serum followed by Enriching Moisturiser
Now of course as you will have noticed phases 2 & 3 are exactly the same as in the morning and to be honest they make your skin feel in the exact same way as they did then too, so I didn’t really see the need in rambling on and repeating myself.

Overall my skin has been feeling a lot more refreshed, hydrated and I guess cared for since using products from within this kit. I wouldn’t however say that you need to go out and buy every single product from within this kit, as personally I don’t think every single stage is completely necessary. If you are interested in some of the AEOS skincare mentioned in this post I would recommend for you to buy this kit first, to at least get a sample of each and every product before spending a great deal of money on products that you don’t even know if you are going to like.

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