Beautyblender Make-up’s Best Friend Kit


The beautyblender; used by make-up artists and beauty enthusiasts everywhere

Beautyblender Make-up’s Best Friend Kit | £32.50

In one way I feel like this kit is only going to be purchased by someone who has used a beautyblender before and loves it for what it is, however saying that I do feel like this kit is good value for money, so perhaps this would be a good purchase for someone who wants to try some of the famous and popular beautyblender products out.


Included in this kit you get: • One, beautyblender original – to flawlessly apply foundation, powder, bb cream, cc cream, cream blush and more. • One, beautyblender pro – for long-wear make-up, facial bronzers and facial self-tanners. • One, beautyblender – for laser sharp focused contouring, highlighting and concealing, and lastly one, mini beautyblender rea.activiate – to hydrate and rea.activiate your beautyblender on the go.



As I’m sure you have already gathered this kit comes with the newly released rea.activiate spray; which I have always wanted to try! As I understand some people use their beautyblender dry, which is fine and is something that I occasionally do however the beautyblender is designed to be used wet – with having a damp sponge surface it is designed to give you a streak-free blending with an added dewy finish. With this I have also read that make-up artists often keep a bowl of clean water with them whilst doing someones make-up, this is to of course keep the beautyblender damp and refreshed, because when it comes to these the wetter the better! Therefore this rea.activiate spray is perfect for when water is not convenient.

Before purchasing this kit I did already own the original beautyblender, which I just so happen to absolutely love! As it pushes my chosen foundation into my skin, enabling a smooth and even complexion.

The – this beautyblender I can’t honestly say I understand what all the fuss is about. I used this sponge to conceal both under my eyes and around different areas of my face. The sponge felt, to me, very small, very fiddly to hold and with it being so small I didn’t really feel like I had blended my make-up enough so I therefore had to go over my make-up with using my beautyblender original. I haven’t as such used this beautyblender for contouring, so perhaps it is better to use for that purpose.

The beautyblender pro – I can’t say I have used this beautyblender an awful lot but for the few times I have tried it I find it be also very soft and smooth on the skin. This beautyblender to me is a lot more porous than the original pink and with that I find it doesn’t work as good with blending liquid foundations but does indeed work well with applying powder formula foundations.


Beautyblender Liquid Blender cleanser 150ml | £15.00


I use my beautyblender more or less everyday, with the less part being when I don’t wear any make-up at all.
So it’s fair to say that my beautyblender can get quite compact with soaked up and left over liquid foundation that I use. As I am sure everyone that uses a beautyblender will agree, I like to keep mine clean, refreshed and ready to go! which means on average I clean my beautyblender two/three times a week. Before discovering this product I have to say that cleaning my beautyblender was a thing I hated to do; I didn’t look forward to having to stand for ages trying to get rid of all of the soap suds and even then when you think its clean you’d find you need to head back over to the sink and go again! I used to use, just like my brushes Johnson’s baby shampoo and I don’t know why but I always found that it would leave an unattractive scent in my beautyblender. Now having this product in my possession I don’t even batter an eyelid and having to clean my blenders, it takes a couple of minutes and in a strange way is quite a therapeutic thing to do! – my beautyblender comes away clean, refreshed and smelling hygienically clean and nice.


here’s a little size comparison photo for you! 


Do you own a Beautyblender? What are your thoughts?

Thank you!
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  1. Lou Francesca
    08/02/2016 / 10:26

    Great review, I’ve been wanting to try the beauty blender for ages! This kit is really good value so I may buy this instead. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? 🙂

    The Fashion Road

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