Cohorted Beauty Box | February 2016


Once again it’s that time of the month, when the Cohorted monthly beauty box finds it’s away through our letterboxes. This month there are five full size products and a sample spray of the Lola perfume by Marc Jacobs.


According to the beauty booklet included, this box has a value of £111.50!!
So first up we have..

Elemis Pro Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks x2, RRP: £15.00


Eye masks and face masks are becoming ever so popular at the moment, with being something that I have to say I am not overly familiar with, so when seeing these in this months box I was very happy, especially as they are by Elemis which is a brand I know to be good quality. One thing I am unaware of however is if there are two masks per sachet or one for each eye! but either way I am not complaining!

BareMinerals Night Treatment, in the shade: Medium, RRP: £45.00

IMG_6853 IMG_6855

This type of product is definitely something that I have never seen before, so when seeing this in the box I was very intrigued. Within the booklet it describes this product to reduce the appearance of pores, improve luminosity and deliver increased cell turnover whilst wearing overnight. This product has a retail price of £45.00, which to me seems a lot of money for perhaps a product that personally I would never choose to buy, however I am very pleased that I have been able to try this product out from being subscribed to the box.

Dove Underarm Dark Mark Eraser


A trouble that I can’t say I personally suffer with therefore I will be giving this product away!

This product was a substitute this month, as after speaking to a member of the Cohorted team I discovered that the Pixi crayon combo was one of the products supposed to be in the box, however due to a slight delay it could not be included.

Cargo Cosmetics Long Wear Lip Gloss, in the shade: Bourbon Street, RRP: £10.00


Now for me receiving lipsticks, lip glosses, pencils etc. in subscription boxes does make me slightly worried, I mean don’t get me wrong I have received many lip products that I have found to love in the past but at the same I have also opened some that I dislike very much! I personally believe someone’s lip colour is very personal and in our own way we all wear a lipstick quite different to the next person, so with me going on to say that I don’t like this shade please don’t take it personally if you do, (I mean we’re all different aren’t we?). This shade is really quite vibrant and bright, which isn’t a style I go for therefore I will be giving this lipgloss away to someone who will appreciate it. I can however appreciate Cargo as a good brand with owning a lipstick by them already.

CHANEL Long-Wear Luminous Eyeshadow, in the shade: Apparition, RRP: £25.00

IMG_6864 IMG_6865

Firstly, it’s very fair to say I was shocked to see a CHANEL product in the box this month.. I mean CHANEL!?!
I couldn’t lie to you and pretend I am not a little disappointed with the shade, but perhaps smoked out and used in moderation I may be able to pull this off, (finger’s crossed!).



and last but not least.. a perfume that I know I already love! Lola is a sweet florally scent that you really don’t need a lot of. I also find these cute little spray bottles very handing for taking on nights out, dropping in your purse or evening taking travelling!

What did you think to this month’s box?

Thank you!
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