(How to): The Original Make-up Eraser



With first seeing this product dotted around on Instagram, I have to admit I was a little sceptical,
as how can a watered cloth take off your make-up effectively?
The other day I was in Boots, to which I saw a small pile of these sitting next to the tills – so with seeing these on Instagram I was eager to see what they were all about, plus knowing me I’d only buy one later on within the year and probably have to pay for postage too! This product costs £16.50 at Boots (in-store & online), which yes I can see why some could say ‘it’s an overpriced flannel’ but think about it logically; this claims to take off your make-up with just water that quite easily comes out of your tap, meaning you would never need to buy wipes, gels, cream or liquid make-up remover again, kissing goodbye to micellar water too!

Now the question everyone wants to know the answer to… Does it work?



To put it nice and simply.. yes it really does.

To start off you of course take the cloth out of the eraser shaped box and pop it into your washing machine – I just put mine on an express 30 minutes wash, 40° with a dab of washing detergent; with this don’t be afraid to mix it in with towls, dressing gowns etc.. as long as they’re not prone to run and not white of course this will be fine. To then wash your make-up off all you have to do is start with damping your cloth with warm water, as it begins to absorb the water go straight in with drenching your pink cloth until it is absolutely soaking! As you will notice by now your cloth is very wet so I always like to slightly squeeze the excess water off but not to much I mean this will not work as effective when being dry. Now all thats left to do is put this to your face, treating it like a wipe go over your entire face applying a gentle pressure and really concentrating to remove all of your make-up. After taking off your make-up all that’s literally left to do is put this in the washing machine just like you did previously and go again tomorrow with the exact same process.


I have been using my make-up eraser cloth everyday since first purchasing it, as I personally find it to work amazing and just really relieve my skin from the possibilities of perfume and chemicals that can be included in some make-up removal products. It isn’t that I’ve had a particular bad experience with a make-up removing product but with having this, and with this only needing warm water I feel I am reducing the risk of a possible product reacting to my skin or giving me slight acne from the chemicals inside of it, does that make sense? Now to point out the negatives.. this is tuff! The only two negatives I can find with using this cloth is that firstly it does slightly struggle with removing long-lasting eyeliners, such as the one I use: Urban Decay’s 24/7 glide on eyeliner but never fear because it does remove it eventually! You just have to be more persistent with this part of your face, and of course do not rub! The only second negative I can find.. it is a pretty stupid one so brace yourself is that you have to keep on top and make sure that this is washed each and every day because you cannot use this more than once in one wash. One thing I have to give this credit for however is the fact that this easily removes even waterproof mascara! which for me is a massive deal breaker! Overall and if you hadn’t of guessed it already I am amazed by this product and will definitely be using it to take off my make-up now and in the future!

Thank you!
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  1. 18/02/2016 / 16:06

    Ever since I saw you post about this on Instagram I’ve been so intrigued! Can’t quite believe it so definitely going to have to pick one up myself and see!! xx

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte

    • jellybluesblog
      18/02/2016 / 17:56

      Ah I kid you not it really does work! I mean it does slightly struggle with long lasting eyeliners but for taking off everything else it works perfectly. Let me know how you get on with it! xx

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