(Make-Up Look): Valentines Day 2016


Now that awkward selfie is out of the way I can start the introduction to this post! Being a single pringle myself the 14th February for me is going to be just like any old Sunday, but when thinking about the whole lead up to Valentines Day I began to think about make-up – of course! So here is my put together look with Valentines Day as inspiration; understanding that some of you may want to take ideas from this look I have tried to keep it down to cheaper brands however there are some things that you just can’t compromise with so unfortunately some of the following products may be a little on the dearer side. I would also just like to say that I have not brought any new products especially for this post, so if you own something similar to what I have here by all means use that! ?


To start with here are all of the products that I used.
here’s how I put my look together…


To begin with I applied a thin layer of the Guerlain Météorites base and then waited a few moments for it to dry into my skin – I do have a separate review coming out soon about this product, so please subscribe to my blog if you are interested in reading about it. After my base primer had dried I primed my eyelids with the NYX HD eyeshadow base. Now this may seem odd as I have not applied my foundation however I’ve found with applying this first both my foundation and eyeshadow sits a lot better, theres no creasing and actually they both last a lot longer together.


Going onto my foundation, I as always decided to use my all-time favourite foundation – NARS Sheer Glow in the shade Mont Blanc. After applying this foundation with my also favourite brush – MAC’s Oval 6, I used the Rimmel Wake me up concealor to lighten up my under eye areas. After blending in this concealor with a wet beautyblender I then lightly dusted over a layer of my trusted MAC Studio Fix + foundation powder with a large powder brush. Applying a hint of this powder of course ensures a better coverage but also sets all of that liquid foundation in place.


After applying all of my main face make-up I always like to go onto the contouring/ bronzing and blush products. Today I decided to use my new Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour palette, but please understand I only got this palette the other day so I certainly haven’t experimented with it fully yet! Out of the ABH palette I went with ‘Fawn’ as my contour and bronzing shade, as for this look I didn’t want it to be overly bronzy as I wanted the highlight and eyes to stand out more. Moving on to the blush I decided to use my also favourite MAC powdered blush in the shade Well Dressed, as you can see I use this blush the majority of the time but of course you could use any blush you like just as long as it’s quite a muted pink’y shade. Not forgetting possibly one of the most pigmented products I have ever come across, my highlighter choice for this look is the Dose of colors, baked highlighter in the shade Pearl.. it is A M A Z I N G!


For my brows I wanted to keep them nice and simple, with also looking quite natural at the same time. Using a MAC 208 brush I applied both shades of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dark brow powder duo to my brows.


For the eyes I did try to keep it to just one palette however the Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette has no white or creamy shade to use for the inner parts of the eyes or for highlighting under the brow arch; therefore I did have to use two other products for those areas.

In the Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette I firstly went with the bottom shade ‘ND130’ and placed this quite roughly along my crease, with blending it out towards my brows.


For then a bit more definition I went to ‘ND070’ and using a Zoeva luxe petit crease brush applied this more neatly and precise along my crease line.


Lastly with using a large shader brush and a few sprays of MAC fix+ (to help pick up the pigment), I applied ‘ND090’ all over my lid area and then blended like crazy using a blending brush. Along my lower lash line I also applied this shade mixed with a touch of the ‘ND070’ to really bring my eyes together and balance out the look.


For the inner corners of my eyes I lightly dabbed, using the end of my finger a touch of this Clinique eye shadow in the shade 401 Sugar, but by all means use any product you like for this part! For then the highlight under my brows I used MAC’s eye shadow in the shade Vanilla.


To then slightly darken and bring out my eye colour I went with a very light touch of the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eyeliner in the shade Hustle on my lower lash lines, with then completing my eye look with the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara.


Last but certainly not least I chose this MAC lipstick in the shade Hot Tahiti for my lip colour. Some would probably say this is to dark for Valentines Day however I didn’t think a light pink shade would really match this look.. besides it’s a deep, passionate red and what says Valentines better than that?

Thank you!
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  1. Tamzin
    14/02/2016 / 20:56

    We have exactly the same base haha, I love the ABH palette. That guerlain primer looks so interesting, I haven’t tried any of that range before! I haven’t seen that Mac shade either, it looks really lovely on. I much prefer darker shades like that xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    • jellybluesblog
      14/02/2016 / 21:02

      I’ve only just brought the ABH palette and I’m a little scared to use it properly, I need to read and watch some tutorials. Same for me, this is the only Guerlain product I’ve tried, but it’s great! In fact I have a review coming out tomorrow. Oh yes I only found that lipstick the other day, aw thank you so much xx

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