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Not to long ago Threads beauty got in touch and generously sent me some of their products to review on my blog – two of which are false lashes from their Angel lashes collection and the third product is a brow pencil.

Threads | Illuninata Brow Pencil (in the shade: Brown) – £15.00

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They kindly sent me one which is in the shade brown

This is one of Threads illuninata brow pencils, which claims to be water proof and long lasting. Now personally for me I find the shade of this pencil to be too red, as yes it is brown however at the same time I find it to have a very visible burnt red undertone, which unfortunately does not suit my hair/brow shade, but forgetting about the shade and instead concentrating on the pencil itself; I find this to apply very smoothly on to my brow and with that being quite precise too. This also blends very evenly enabling a very natural look.

Threads | Angel Lashes – Be-Bop – £9.00

Out of the two lashes which Threads have sent me I wanted to first try and wear the Be-Bop lashes, as to me these look to be a more natural and everyday style.

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Firstly I feel I must say that I am by no means knowledgeable when it comes to false lashes as I do not wear them all that much, however when it came to putting on and wearing these lashes this is how I got on:
These lashes were (for a novice) very easy to apply, as they have a very thin and lightweight band which sits very comfortably on the root of your lashes/ eyelid. I did need to cut and alter the length of these lashes slightly, as they were too long, but doing this was very easy to do and these lashes do have a very flexible band which curves to how you want them very simply. Overall I was very impressed with these lashes, as I also find them to be a very reasonable and affordable price!

Threads | Angel Lashes – Sex Kitten – £9.00


Threads also sent me a set of their ‘Sex Kitten’ lashes, which also seemed to be of a very good quality. I haven’t as such wore these lashes, as I am wanting to save them for a more special occasion, but again I feel for £9 these lashes are very reasonable and affordable in price.


Threads beauty also sell seven other styles of false lashes, which all retail at £9, plus eyeliners and hair colouring kits on their website. They also offer henna, nails and threading services, which are of course available at different locations (please check their website for further details). 

Thank you!
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* The products within this post were gifted to me with the intention of a review on jellybluesblog.co.uk - as always my thoughts & opinions are 100% honest and my own. Enquiries; please email me at: Jellybluesblog@gmail.com

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