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Just recently I celebrated my 21st birthday, from which I visited London for the day. Whilst in London I managed to stop by the huge Lush store that is famously located on Oxford Street and pick up a few of the in-store exclusives that I am very happily sharing with you all in this post!

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In the huge store the array of popular Lush products are spread out across three different floor levels; with the ground floor holding: soaps, cosmetics, shower gels, and creams (etc.), to the level above housing a mass collection of bath bombs, bubble bars, fun, lip products and bath oils. Then situated on the bottom (underground level) is the gorilla perfume gallery and where the pampering of Lush messages is held. Of course once the store had opened I walked (fairly briskly) up the stairs and headed straight over to the bath products.


Firstly can I just say WOW! The collection and presentation of each and every bath bomb or bubble bar in this store is amazing! There are so many gorgeous colours and designs placed around, with then the also intoxicating scent as you first walk into the store; it really is quite breathtaking.
Here are the products that I managed to pick up:


Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Products that definitely aren’t exclusive to the Lush Oxford Street store are the lip scrubs; which come in a variety of different flavours & scents. As I was having a good mooch around in the huge store I decided it was about time that I tried one of these for myself, so I picked up the bubblegum flavoured lip scrub for £5.50.


Showder’s – Candy Floss & Lemon Sherbet
The two products shown above are definitely ones that I personally have never seen before. As I did spot them on the shelf a Lush member of staff came over to me and gave me a demonstration of the candy floss showder in action with him also telling me that these were exclusives to the Oxford Street store and you can’t buy these anywhere else – (since then I noticed these on Lush’s UK website, so who knows?). Basically you poor a small handful of the almost soap powder looking substance into your hand, add a slight hint of water and rub into your skin – where the first granule powder turns to a creamy foamy soap. The gimmick of these alone was an excuse for me to place these in my basket but I love sweet (quite sickly) scented things and if anyone knows Lush then you’ll know their candy floss scented products are divine, and these smell exactly like the flavouring that they are suppose to!!
Lemon Sherbet literally smells like a freshly opened bag of sherbet lemon sweeties and candy floss smells just like a sweet stall at the circus!

and now for (the best part) the bath bombs & bubble bars:


When it came to choosing bath bombs and bubble bars it’s fair to say that I may have gone slightly overboard, but I mean I went all the way to London with birthday money in my purse, so why not!

Starting top; left – right:
Windmill bubble bar • Spring bunny bath bomb • Lava lamp bath bomb • Down the rabbit hole bubble bar
The smells: in my opinion…
Windmill bubble bar –
This to me smells incredibly ginger’y but mixed with a hint of menthol.
Spring bunny bath bomb – This smells very citrusy, with that being in particularly lemon.
Lava lamp bath bomb – This smells very orangey, with that being a mix of mandarin and tangerine.
Down the rabbit hole bubble bar – This again smells very citrusy, with orange being very dominant.


Of course I first chose the ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ bath bomb because of how pretty it looks, however since watching a few videos about this bath bomb I discovered that this apparently creates a really gorgeous foamy bath!

Starting top; left – right:
Cherry blossom bubble bar • Big bang bubble bar • Sacred lotus bath bomb • Somewhere over the rainbow bath bomb
The smells: in my opinion…
Cherry blossom bubble bar –
Living up to it’s name this smells like a mixture of flowers and sweet cherry.
Big bang bubble bar – To me grapefruit and lemon come across mostly in the smell of this bubble bar.
Sacred lotus bath bomb – The smell of this isn’t my favourite, as it does have a very strong scent of jasmine.
Somewhere over the rainbow bath bomb – This smells very citrusy, with it also containing the ingredients of Sicilian mandarin and neroli.


How cute is Tweet?!

Starting top; left – right:
Yuzu & cocoa bubbleroon • Tweet bubble bar • Brightside bubble bar • Reusable Mum tulip bubble bar
The smells: in my opinion…
Yuzu & cocoa bubbleroon –
 This smells to me to be quite a mild sweet lemon, with a mix of shea butter.
Tweet bubble bar – For such a small bubble bar this really does have a strong lemon with orange scent, that really is sooo lovely! Brightside bubble bar – This has a gorgeous sweet orange scent.
Mum tulip bubble bar – As expected this smells like tulips and flowers, and just like spring time!


The scent of Fizzbanger is really quite a real lemon flavour, it isn’t particularly sweet however it isn’t strong neither..


The very last thing I purchased was at the tills and that was a small tin of hand & body lotion that cost £1.00. This £1 tiny tin has been created for the purpose of donating all the money to charity, so honestly how could I say no.

What are your favourite Lush products?

Thank you!
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    • jellybluesblog
      28/03/2016 / 22:36

      Aw haha and I did thank you! 🙂 xx

  1. 28/03/2016 / 12:12

    Happy belated birthday! Oh my god why can I not just live at the Oxford Lush shop and more importantly pick up all of these products at my highstreet one! somewhere over the rainbow and the sacred lotus bath bombs look so gorgeous. I love these posts as they always intrigue me into the other products that Lush has to offer! Lovely post! xx

    • jellybluesblog
      28/03/2016 / 13:37

      Thank you!! Haha, it would be good to be able to get these from our local stores or for them to at least be on the website. Somewhere over the rainbow is one of my favourites too and the brightside bubble bar! Thank you for your lovely comment! 🙂 xx

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