Beauty Haul, ft.

Beauty Haul, ft.

There’s nothing I like more than ordering a heap load of make-up (and other beauty products) to then of course share with you all on my blog. Last week I decided to take the plunge and severely damage my bank account by having a medium sized splurge on

beautybay haul - 1

As you can see I may have gone slightly overboard when it comes to hair care products in-particular – but in my defence I have needed some new products for my hair and I haven’t brought any in such a long time!
and here is everything that I got…

beautybay haul - 3

Gerard Cosmetics | Lipsticks & Liquid Lipstick
Gerard Cosmetics has always been one of those brands in which I ALWAYS notice and scroll through on Instagram. They’re lipsticks all look amazing as well as they’re super pigmented liquid lipsticks!! So I decided that now was going to be the time in which I risked everything (well, slight over exaggeration there!) and brought some for myself. I chose three lipsticks, in the shades: Rodeo Drive, Vintage Rose and Berry Smoothie. I also chose one liquid lipstick, which is hydra matte, in the shade: Invasion. I haven’t today included any swatch pictures as I want to do a separate blogpost with my experience and thoughts on all of these products once I have tried them out. One thing is for sure however I love the packaging!

beautybay haul - 7

(Set of two) Beautyblender Original (pack – including 150ml liquid blender cleanser)
Since first buying a Beautyblender back in August last year I have never looked back. I use mine practically everyday for applying and smoothing over both my liquid foundation and concealor. If you use a Beautyblender or really any type of sponge then you will know that they do get grimy and a bit tatty in appearance, so with that I decided to purchase a new Beautyblender to keep as a spare or for if one day I decide a new one is needed. This pack was £33.00, and it includes a set of two Beautyblender’s and a 150ml bottle of the liquid beauty cleanser, which personally I didn’t think was all that bad of a price.

beautybay haul - 5

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Brow Wiz & Tinted Brow Gel
I may not be the best at doing or achieving ‘good’ brows but by no means does this put me off! I like using and applying brow products and so I of course had to purchase a few more products to add to my collection. Going back to an old favourite I decided it was time to repurchase the brow wiz, but this time in the shade: Soft brown as my hair colour is slightly lighter at the moment. I also after hearing and reading so much positive feedback about this product had to purchase the tinted brow gel in the shade: Brunette.
So I have been using these two products together for a few days now and have found to really love the brow gel with of course already knowing myself how much I love the brow wiz. I am wanting to create some sort of top brow products blogpost soon so I don’t want to go into to much detail at the moment, plus I would like to use and test these out for a little longer before I make up my mind.

beautybay haul - 4

Makeup Geek | Pressed Eyeshadow Pans
To go inside my Crowd Colour self designed palette I purchased two more of the Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans. The white shade is Ice Queen and this is really quite a sparkly and shimmery bold white colour with the pinkier shade being called Cinderella, and this is again really quite sparkly but instead being a rose’y pink style of shade.

beautybay haul - 8

Neal & Wolf | Hair Products
Going onto haircare.. I had a good look around on the website and finally (after A LOT of scrolling) decided on this small collection of Neal & Wolf hair products. I picked up the daily cleansing shampoo (for all hair types) and to complete the daily conditioner (for all hair types). If there’s one thing however that really annoys me, it’s when the conditioner is much smaller than the shampoo and you are paying roughly the same sort of price for each, I mean I use the same amount of conditioner as shampoo and always at the same time, so why make it so much smaller?!

beautybay haul - 9

Moving onto a few individual products. The Joico daily care, leave-in detangler (for all hair types) instantly caught my eye as I was scrolling through the website. Once brushed and dried my hair usually isn’t to bad on remaining smooth and easily manageable, but of course it’s getting to that stage. Coming out of the shower my (towel-dried) hair can be very cotty and actually can really hurt when brushing sometimes, so this product to me sounded perfect! At the moment I have only used this product once – and using it that once I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, but I will (like many of the products included in this haul) let you know for sure at a later stage. I also picked up a bottle of the Sexy hair, sulfate-free color lock conditioner, as I want to get my hair re-dyed very soon! and for my mum I picked up one of the Schwarzkopf excellium plumping soufflé (hair mousses), which is for fine mature hair.

beautybay haul - 6

To complete my order(s) I also got to choose a free sample, and out of the selection I chose a Peter Thomas Roth, Beta hydroxy acid 2% acne wash and a mini sample of the Institut Esthederm lift & repair eye contour cream.

Overall I am very happy with everything that has come from the order(s) in which I made. Like I have said already I will be reviewing some of these products from this haul once I have tried them out more in the near future – so if you are interested please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to be the first to know!! Also, if there is anything else that you would like me to try and review please let me know in the comments below!!!

Thank you!
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  1. 11/04/2016 / 05:56

    makeup geek shadows are so nice! I love how inexpensive they are and the quality you get is amazing. I have yet to try out a beauty blender and have just been using the ‘dupes’ so maybe I need to pick it up? 🙂

    Kathy x

    • jellybluesblog
      11/04/2016 / 07:06

      I know exactly what you mean!! and the shade choice is really good too. I personally prefer the beauty blender (after also trying a few cheaper dupes), I find the beauty blender lighter and just easier to use, so if you can get one I would say it’s worth it. 🙂 x

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