Happy 1st Birthday, Jellybluesblog!!

It’s official Jellybluesblog has existed for one whole year online!

Throughout this year I must admit this blog has had more name changes than an indecisive parent but never the less I think we have finally come to it’s last and forever name change, as Jellybluesblog.co.uk. I thought it would be a good opportunity to sit back and reflect on my one year blogging journey, with of course giving whatever tips and advice I can on what I have learnt over the time.

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and so here is what I have learnt…

To be original;
If there’s one thing that drives me up the wall it’s someone who copies someones style and way of work. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’m all for ‘taking inspiration’ but there is a fine line between taking note on what someone does and just copying exactly what they do. It’s a shame that even I (who’s only been blogging for one year) have found someone to copy my style; both from on my actual blog and social media sites. As blogging is becoming SO popular, having your blog stand out is really quite important as for many different reasons therefore I have learnt that if your going to do anything about it, then be persistent! because at the end of the day your style is always going to be YOU and no matter how hard someone tries they can never think before you act.

Good punctuation;
Good grammar and punctuation isn’t everything, I get that however I still feel that it is important to make sense and spell words correctly. Don’t get me wrong, if you go along my timeline and have a read of some of my first ever published posts you’ll see that I have made some serious errors in my time.. but hey we all have to start somewhere! and I’m not saying that I’ll never make mistakes again but never the less as long as you try that’s the best you can ever do! Reading over each and every blogpost or page that I am about to publish at least twice (aloud) is usually how I spot a mistake and is also very good practise for making sure that you have written about that subject correctly.

Being free;
I know how this may sound.. however first let me explain..
So you’ve got a blogpost that desperately needs starting or finishing, your tired, bored perhaps or just simply not in the mood. Then my only piece of advice to you is to simply forget about your blog, log off and close the tab down because there’s nothing worse than sitting at an empty screen that each minute the time has increased your page is feeling emptier and plainer. Forgetting about your blog and doing instead something that you enjoy is always going to make your mood happier. Usually when I am in this situation I head over to YouTube and watch a few different videos, by the time I have got bored doing that I usually am in the mood to do a bit of blog work, so either way I get the work done and normally within time.

Being consistent;
I couldn’t sit here and say that I am the most active (online) person ever! I mean I know I need to get onto Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram more regularly but never the less I believe being consistent with blogposts is really quite important.
To keep Jellybluesblog.co.uk consistent I have set myself a routine, in which I HAVE to post a brand new blogpost each and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Of course there is much much more that I could tell you but out of everything that I have learnt and found during this past year these are the biggest four subjects that I have found to be important when writing and having your very own blog! One other thing that I would also consider to be important is having high quality and relatable photographs within your posts and on your actual blog!

What have you learnt during your blogging time?

Thank you!
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Please don't think that I'm saying I'm not some 'big, influential blogger' but never the less here is what I have found and learnt since first starting my blog; Jellybluesblog.co.uk one year ago!! 

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