(How to): Coloured Tips, ft. Seventeen Gel Colour Nail Polishes

seventeen nail polishes pink flamingo and hurricane

One trend that’s certainly making an appearance this summer time is having coloured tips on your nails – similar to a french manicure style. A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent these two lovely colours of gel colour nail polishes by Seventeen cosmetics to share with you all on my blog, and with that to share with you all the creation of this soon to be much-loved summer trend!

seventeen nail polish pink flamingo

Colour: Pink Flamingo

seventeen gel nail polish hurricane

Colour: Hurricane

The two nail polishes kindly sent to me are from the gel colour collection by Seventeen cosmetics. The first pink polish is the colour: Pink Flamingo and this is really quite a bright and fairly vibrant hot pink, which I feel is definitely perfect for the summer time. The gorgeous blue shade is called: Hurricane and this is again perfect for the summer time as it is vibrant and quite a bold blue, which will really stand out on the nails and complete a summer time look beautifully.

How to; nail coloured tips

wah london nail polish blue

Colour: Private Plane

1. To start off I painted my nails with this gorgeous baby duck egg blue coloured nail polish by WahLondon nails and then waited a couple of hours to let it completely dry and set. I chose to paint my nails with this colour first as I didn’t want just plain nails underneath and so found this colour to work well as it compliments the darker blue with also allowing the style of this look to be shown clearly and well.

seventeen nail tips

2. After painting my nails with ‘Private Plane’ by WahLondon I went in with painting the tips to my nails; with using the deep blue gel polish by Seventeen. To then ensure accurate and clean tips I used the perfect tips by Nailene, which are described as french polish guides. Using these tip guides was definitely A LOT easier for me to create this look, as usually I don’t have a steady hand and do create quite a mess of polish around the edges of my nails, so if you are like me I would recommend for you to make life easier for yourself and get holt of something like these!

seventeen nail tips blue

3. Whilst the nail polish on the tips was still wet I gently pulled away the Nailene strips to reveal a clean and precise tip.

seventeen nail tips pink

 To try out the gorgeous pink colour I decided to use the same method of application with instead painting on the Pink Flamingo to see what it would look like. In an odd way I sort of like the above colour combination as it is quite contrasting with you still being able to see the coloured tip clearly.

4. To then finish off I used a top coat to ensure protection and shine.

After painting my nails with these two lovely gel nail polishes I can say that they paint onto the nails easily and smoothly. The formula is fairly thick but not overly thick where it is in fact ‘gloopy’, plus they leave a lovely shine on your nails. In terms of how long-lasting these are I would in fact say that they chip fairly easily – but then my nail polish always chips within a few hours of painting my nails. Overall I am very happy to have been introduced to this style for my nails, as I really like how it adds something different to your look. I am also very pleased with these two nail polishes themselves, as I will definitely be continuing to use these gorgeous colours throughout the summer time.

What do you think to this nail polish style?

Thank you!
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