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You may have seen from within a previous blogpost my fairly recent beauty haul on, to which I purchased four hair care products by the brand; Neal & Wolf. Neal & Wolf isn’t a brand that personally I can say I have heard of before but never the less a brand that I really liked the look of when I saw it online.

After using these hair care products for the past two weeks (each and everyday) this is how I have got on using them, with then also my thoughts on Neal & Wolf as a brand…

Neal & Wolf daily cleansing shampoo conditioner

Neal & Wolf | Ritual Collection
Daily Cleansing Shampoo 250ml and Daily Conditioner 200ml – For all hair types
The RITUAL sulfate free shampoo is designed to cleanse the hair, to leave it fresh, full of shine and ready for styling. Whilst the RITUAL weightless conditioner is designed to instantly detangle hair, leaving it smooth and ready for styling.

The shampoo and conditioner together leave my hair feeling very soft, smooth and clean. They also each wash through my hair very easily and very simply, with the conditioner alone only having to be left in the hair for 30 seconds before washing it out thoroughly. These two products are from the Ritual collection and are each available in two different sizes (from The scent of each of these is absolutely divine, with to me it having quite a florally, clean fragrance. Overall I have been very impressed with the condition of my hair whilst using these two products each morning therefore I would definitely repurchase and use these products again.

Neal & Wolf nourishing hair oil

Neal & Wolf | Velvet
Nourishing Hail Oil 100ml – For all hair types
The nourishing hair oil is designed to of course nourish hair but also add shine, protect against UV and to also smooth over hair whilst styling – for when your hair is either wet or dry.

This product was actually the first I noticed by Neal & Wolf on My hair (before I got it chopped!) was extremely frizzy and just really unmanageable – as it was too weighty on one side plus really heavy and just horrible in feeling. I wanted a product to smooth down my hair and help in managing when styling. I have been using this product on towel-dried hair and just before blow-drying; with rubbing one dispense from the pump in my hands and then running in through my hair with concentrating on the ends in-particular. This product, just like the shampoo and conditioner smells SO good! It has an almost sweet scent that isn’t overly strong nor too weak. With using this product I have found my hair to actually straighten easier, I mean don’t get me wrong this one product alone doesn’t solve everything but it definitely helps with managing the styling of my hair, plus I really like how this product doesn’t dry sticky or greasy in appearance, as so often oils or creams can sit on the hair and dry to a horrible texture.

Neal & Wolf heat protection spray

Neal & Wolf | Guard
Heat Protection Spray 150ml – For all hair types
The guard, heat protection spray is designed to lock in moisture, protect hair from heat up to 220°c whilst also giving hair a glossy and vibrant finish.

Last but not least is one product that I must admit I do have a bit of an obsession with, I mean I feel like heat protection sprays can be for anyone, whether you blow-dry only, straighten or curl a few sprays of a good heat protection and you are saving your hair from a lot of damage in the near future. Now, when it comes to this heat protection spray in-particular there isn’t actually anything for me to say (apart from it has one of the BEST scents EVER), as there hasn’t been anything I’ve noticed wrong with this product nor has it made my hair hugely different in how it feels or looks but with saying that I happily continue to use it and have confidence that it is protecting my hair from that horrible heat damage.

Overall I am very happy with the quality of Neal & Wolf products, with the heat protection spray, oil and shampoo all saying to be cruelty free, which to me is becoming even more important at the moment. One thing I would like to know however is if all of Neal & Wolf products are cruelty free or if it is just a select few (if you do know please do let me know in the comments below!!). I have also read that Neal & Wolf products do not include some other potentially dangerous chemicals which actually is really nice to hear, as is makes me want to carry on using their products. I will be checking the Neal & Wolf website for more products to try as I do really like this brand, if you do know of any products that you can recommend please do also let me know.

What do you think to the Neal & Wolf products?

Thank you!
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    • jellybluesblog
      15/04/2016 / 07:34

      I’d never heard of them before too, but I’m very impressed with the brand! 🙂 thank you x

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