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Tarte cosmetics is definitely one of those brands which I WISH we had in the UK or at least a brand that we could get holt off a lot easier!! – but being as we cannot I had to head over to Sephora.com and pay for import tax (boo!). As you can see I picked up three products from the Rainforest of the Sea collection by Tarte. With those being the water foundation, the aquacealer concealer and the eyeshadow palette. After using each of these products on and off for the past couple of weeks this is my opinion on them..

Tarte Cosmetics | Rainforest of the Sea – Eyeshadow Palette




tarte rainforest of the sea eyeshadow palette

Firstly, I HAVE to say that this eyeshadow palette is absolutely stunning! From the design of the palette itself, the pattern on the front to then the array of pressed eyeshadows inside, it really is quite a piece on it’s own. I also really like how on the inside of the medium sized circular lid is a large, clear mirror – I feel this would be really handy for taking away travelling or popping in your handbag. The eyeshadows each have a sea themed name, which I feel is a nice fit to the under water theme to this collection. I also feel that these eyeshadows are slightly mystical, in a sense of there satin sheen finish, as I don’t know why but I think of mermaids and mystical creatures. Each eyeshadow is a good size with them each being really quite pigmented when used with or without a primer first. I also feel that this palette has a good complimentary selection of shades, as you have a good transition shade, many different all-over lid colours, a highlight and many deeper crease shades that can be transformed for either casual, everyday to wearing out at night-time or going out more formally. The texture of these eyeshadows is really comfortable to wear, with them being soft – but giving very little fall out, and really quite creamy in consistency. Overall and as you may have guessed I am in love with this eyeshadow palette, I love the quality and the finish of these eyeshadows with then also the amazing shade choice!!

Tarte Cosmetics | Rainforest of the Sea – Aquacealer Concealer


aquacealer concealer fair 1

One product that I could not resist is the aquacealer concealer by of course Tarte. I have become more obsessed with liquid concealers in the past couple of months as I use one each and every day to brighten my under eye area. When I first saw this product I must admit I was a little skeptical, as it looks so thick and solid that I wasn’t quite sure if it would be able to give a precise application and if the product itself would even be any good. After using this product I can confirm that I was indeed WRONG to be so judgemental – I love this concealer!! It has a lightweight formula which blends really smoothly and even with also of course brightening and really lifting the eye area to make you appear more awake and ready for the day ahead. Now I personally use this under my eye areas more but I have and do use it occasionally for lightly covering blemishes around my face, and as much as this is good for that I would say that this is definitely more of an under eye concealer. The finish of this concealer is really quite natural in a sense, as you don’t feel the concealer under your eyes nor does it appear cakey or claggy in appearance. With this also being a water based concealer I find this to feel quite hydrating on the skin but whether it is actually helping your skin is another question (that unfortunately I don’t know the answer to) and in terms of coverage I would say this concealer gives a light – medium coverage with it’s main benefit being that it brightens darker areas of the skin.

Tarte Cosmetics | Rainforest of the Sea – Water Foundation


tarte rainforest of the sea water foundation fair neutral

This is the water-based, broad spectrum SPF 15 foundation by the one and only Tarte cosmetics. Firstly, I think it’s fair to comment on how beautiful the packaging to this product really is! I mean it has a gorgeous frosted glass bottle with then a gorgeous metallic gold ombré to deep purple lid, that of course matches to the rest of the products within this collection beautifully! One other thing that I really like about the design to this product is the application method – as this has a button type pipette lid which you press down to collect the foundation and then once again press down when you have unscrewed the lid to release the foundation to apply. After applying and wearing this foundation for around a week I have found that the best application method for this product is actually a damp beautyblender or blending sponge. I have tried using a numerous different types of brushes and all of them have resulted in giving a streaky/ line’y finish. I have also found that applying this slowly and gradually is better than putting this around the face first and then blending in, as with doing this also I have found it to dry slightly and then not blend as easily. With wearing this foundation I can say that I find the formula and wear to be lightweight and very comfortable, I feel like this is one of those foundations that you almost can’t feel on your skin with that perhaps having something to do with the fact that this foundation is water-based and therefore this affects the texture to how it feels on your skin. Overall I do really like this foundation, it is one that I want to continue to wear and it also looks gorgeous when sitting on my dressing table!! As far as coverage goes, I would say that this foundation gives a build-able light – medium coverage but it does cover blemishes, redness and darker area’s well too.


Overall I love each one of these products!! and cannot wait to try further Tarte cosmetics products in the future.

What do you think to these products?

Thank you!
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    • jellybluesblog
      27/04/2016 / 06:19

      Isn’t it!! I must admit the style and look of the packaging was what first drew me to buying these 🙂 xx

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