Cohorted Beauty Box | May 2016


Each month I try and think of a different & fun way to introduce the unboxing of the Cohorted beauty box; that’s delivered to all of it’s subscribers each month. This time however, I’m not going to try and play on the words and the fact that this box is a complete an utter surprise, nor do I have any idea of what’s included, instead I’m simply going to stop this rambling and say that this is the Cohorted beauty box, it’s the month of May (in the year 2016) and this is what’s inside.. ENJOY!


Okay, so first up I can reveal that this box has a total value of £77.00 – which compared to it’s subscription price of £35.00 (per month) is pretty good as that’s £42.00 worth of extra goodies and beauty products for you to enjoy.

One thing that I do have to point out though is that in the contents page (in the little beauty info booklet included), it shows TooFaced – Selfie Powders but this product was NOT included in the box this month!
Unfortunately I don’t know why this is, perhaps there was a technical error or the products got mixed up! If you do know why I would really appreciate you letting me know in the comments below.


First up! We have TheBalm Voyage Vol 2 Palette which retails at £37.50 and includes 9 eyeshadows – which can be used either wet or dry, two blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter and 2 lip/ cheek creams. Obviously this palette is designed and is perfect for taking away travelling as it includes a whole variety of face, eye and lip products to use.


Next up we have the Hourglass Lipstick Opaque Rouge and the one I received is in the shade: Riviera. This lipstick retails at £23.00 and is of course from the much loved and highly popular brand: Hourglass. I can’t say I’ve ever actually tried this product or anything similar before so this one for me is going to be a total newbie to try and use. From reading through the info booklet, it says that this lipstick is ‘richly pigmented, gives a continuous wear with an also silky and matte finish’.


The third product is in my opinion a little odd – as Cohorted also offer a different and separate subscription box which is based around fragrance, therefore and being truthful I don’t believe that then they should give a sample fragrance in the beauty box!!
but there we go there isn’t much I can do about it now.. it just makes me feel slightly cheated out of my money…
This is the Jimmy Choo (EDT Fragrance Mini) Parfum, which retails at £10.00 – personally I don’t see how a TINY 4.5ml sample bottle of perfume can justifiably retail at that price, but it is. The scent of this perfume is in my opinion really nice and a scent that I potentially would buy in the future too. It smells quite florally but not hugely sweet and over the top, with it also having quite a sophisticated and elegant feeling to it. After reading the description about this perfume I can see that it is blended with tiger orchids too, which now I can definitely recognise!


Lastly, I received the shade Lace by nail polish brand: HJ Manicure, and this nail polish retails at £9.50. In the description it is said to apply easily and dry quickly too, with it also giving that desirable shiny professional finish.

Overall, I can’t say I’m in love with this months box as I simply don’t believe the products included are that great! I mean there’s been an Hourglass lipstick and a theBalms palette but unfortunately nothing that’s got my heart palpitating.

Thank you!
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  1. 29/05/2016 / 15:55

    Looks like you got some lovely additions to your beauty collection! It is sad that the Too Faced powders weren’t in there but it might have just been because they randomize what each person gets? I’m not positive! I’ve never had this box before!

    xo, Kimberly

    • jellybluesblog
      29/05/2016 / 16:25

      I have no idea! in the contents page it says TooFaced powders but then as you go through the book, it has a description on a totally different product! :)x

      • 29/05/2016 / 17:55

        Lol then that might be an accident!

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