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You may or may not have seen this product all over the social media world – with that mostly being on beauty devoted YouTuber’s videos. This product I personally have seen MANY, many times before with it being a huge favourite amongst bloggers and vloggers around the world. It has took me a while I must admit but now I finally have one within my collection and so am happily sharing it with you all on my blog.

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I think it’s fair and safe to first comment on the look of this product.. I mean just look at it!! The three colour correcting creams are swirled entirely around the bottle in each of their own sections to then create a beautiful coloured pattern. When you then press down on the pump each of the three colours combine together and swirl into one dispense of cream, which even then looks really pretty.

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So what is this product all about?
This is a colour-corrector, a brightener, an anti-ageing skincare serum and a primer in ONE!! It supposedly brightens and covers imperfections to give skin a flawless finish with very little fuss as it is all in just one cream. This product is also said to NOT settle into fine lines and it will not clog pores. The three separate coloured creams are said to each deliver their own meaning, with the green tone instantly neutralising redness and concealing blemishes, the lavender tone counteracting sallow undertones to instead give a vibrant and energised look and finally the peach tone is said to brighten, illuminate and help diminish the appearance of sun spots.

After using this product I can now tell you my opinions on it and whether I believe it to be a good investment or not.

Firstly, I think I have to stand by the fact that the look of this product just helps in every single way, as one dispense gives a mixture of the green, lavender and peach creams that feel SO cooling, lightweight and creamy when rubbing into the areas of your skin. It is also so pleasing to see those creams melting into the skin and feeling just how hydrating and lovely this product is. I have used this product for a week now with that being each and everyday! and it is possibly now one of my favourite primers to use. It seems and feels to brighten my skin with making it feel more awake and ready for whatever make-up I decide to put on for my day ahead. With this also being a primer it really aids in the application of my chosen liquid foundation, with that foundation blending into my skin a lot quicker, easier, smoother and even. I also really like how this one, single product alone gives my skin so much, as I can literally wash my face, apply this and I’m ready for whatever make-up I want to apply. Overall and as you can probably tell I LOVE this product!!!

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What do you think to this product?

Thank you!
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