ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System

A little while ago ToiletTree Products got in touch as they wanted to send me one of their ‘professional skin care systems’ to try. After heading over to their website and having a quick read about the product in question, I kindly accepted their generous offer – as I do already own the (Lancome edition) Clarisonic, so I do have a rough idea of how this product works and what it’s all about. I would also just like to say that I won’t be comparing this product to the Clarisonic, as that is not the idea behind this post plus the ToiletTree system is a different type of product as it cares for both the face & body.


Inside the box there is the skin care system itself, some batteries and four different heads; including a pumice stone, 2 face brushes and a large body brush.


As you can see ToiletTree Products kindly sent me their ‘professional skin care system’ in the colour choice of green/white, with there also being five other colours available.

The attachments:


Body Brush
This is the large body brush attachment and it is designed to be used over both your body and on your hands. To use it, you first have to apply a soap or cleaner and then in circular motions move this across your skin gently. After using this body brush I can say that that the bristles are a lot coarser in texture than the other attachments anyway, and with that it can feel quite uncomfortable and scratchy on different parts of your skin – this however has to be expected as it is exfoliating and cleansing your skin. After using this attachment I can say that my skin feels a lot cleaner and a lot smoother as of less drier skin.


You will have probably noticed that this skin care system includes two different face brushes; one is classed as soft and the other medium.

Face Brush – Soft Version
Out of the two, this face brush attachment is DEFINITELY a lot softer in touch, as it feels a lot more smoother and I want to say cosier on the skin. I once used this attachment AFTER coming out of the shower, and even then saw dirt on the brush head, therefore this brush head cleanses and gets deep within the pores very well.


Face Brush – Medium Version
The medium face brush is, as I’m sure you can see more coarse in texture however nothing like the body brush. This attachment is perfect for really building and spreading your choice of soap, as this really gets into the skin with exfoliating and removing dry, dead skin cells and embedded make-up too.


Pumice Stone
I don’t know about you but for me skin care and feet are never in the same sentence, I mean you should care for your feet, of course but there’s just something about rubbing moisturiser into my feet that makes me feel slightly queazy and I’m not overly bothered about the appearance of feet normally!! Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that it feels quite ticklish and I hate being tickled.. moral of the story is foot skin care is always the last on my priority list!

When I saw that this system comes with a foot pumice stone, I have to say that I was delighted!! having something like this is great because I don’t have to physically touch my feet myself, I don’t have to use lotions, potions and all different kinds of creams, as instead it’s just one simple to use system that I could even use when in the shower!

Overall, I have to say that I am very impressed with this system kit, as it’s easy to use, relatively comfortable and waterproof –  so I can even use this within the shower which makes the care of skin easier and take hardly any time at all. If you are interested in getting a kit like this one I would definitely recommend for you to check ToiletTree Products out.

What do you think to this skin care kit?

Thank you!
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