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As we have recently entered June there should be a good chance of some warm weather here in the UK, well.. we can hope anyway. With this being hopefully on the cards, I wanted to put together a small collection of what I would call beauty essentials for this summery time of the year! (Disclaimer): Obviously, what I’m sharing with you all in this blogpost is a bit of fun and not to be taken to seriously, as there are many more important things to remember for being ‘safe in the sun’, never the less here is what I’ve come up with..

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 Vaseline Spray & Go (Aloe Fresh)
Is your skin summer ready? That is one question that I often ask myself each year.
When the suns shining and a warm, natural heat is surrounding you there’s nothing nicer than freeing your skin and having it bare – within reason of course. However, shaving, waxing or even fake tanning is only half of the battle when it comes to having ‘summer ready skin’, which is why the Vaseline spray & go is in my opinion a summer essential; it’s quick and easy to use, with it also leaving your skin feeling and appearing moisturised plus it also leaves skin soft and smooth to the touch.

SPF Foundation
To name just a few: there’s the Giorgio Armani; maestro foundation (SPF 15), Tarte Rainforest of the Sea; water foundation (SPF 15) and the YSL; fusion ink foundation (SPF 18), plus many, many more!
Protecting your skin from the harshness of the sun is VERY important! but so often we don’t remember or to be honest we don’t consider it to be necessary at the time. That’s why using a foundation with the added protection of SPF is so useful around summer time. I would like to mention however that an SPF foundation is NOT an alternative to using sun screen or another type of sun protection – it’s just added extra protection for your skin from the sun.

Just remember that when purchasing an SPF foundation to always get matched to the shade closest to your skin shade, as SPF foundation darkens slightly once in the sun over time.

 Body Shimmer Oil
Shimmer creams, butters and oils are all very similar – it’s just finding which one you prefer. Using a body shimmer oil especially after having a spray tan is always nice, as it keeps your tan looking healthy, bronzed and just overall in general a lot nicer, therefore a glow or shimmer oil is perfect for summer time as it makes your skin appear glow’y, dewy and just a lot healthier in general as it glistens in the sunlight!

Being in the month of June isn’t the only reason for me to LOVE highlighter products! As I love how they look and go onto the skin in general anyway. Highlighters are beautiful, as they capture the light and make your face/ body appear contoured and more defined in shape! Plus with the use of a contour product you can make your cheekbones appear more chiselled, your brows more arched and defined in shape and your lips more fuller. You can even make your nose appear thinner and smaller in shape, by running a slither of highlighter straight down the centre!

Wearing lipstick isn’t especially important to the summer time however having a nice, bright and summery shade can often pick your make-up look up and make you feel a lot brighter and comfortable in your summer wear. Summer shades, in my opinion range from corals, bright classy reds, pinks, and nude undertones. I do in fact have a ’10 summer lippies’ blogpost coming out very soon.. so don’t forget to subscribe to be the first to know!

There’s my beauty essentials, what are yours?

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Thank you!
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      15/06/2016 / 22:37

      Absolutely, I love using it to maintain my tan after a shower in the morning! Aw thank you, glad you like the post! X

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