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You may or may not have seen my recent review on the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara, which I discovered my love and amazement for a short time ago. Since finding and loving this mascara I decided to hit the internet and easily talk’d myself round into purchasing the matching; Legendary Brows by Charlotte Tilbury.

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Shade: Linda


Once again we have a beautiful and classy piece of packaging with it being a shiny and metallic gold tube with those also lovely illustrations and typeface along the side. It is completely corporate in design to the mascara, making this pair a beautiful matching set. I have also found the spoolie applicator to be the most perfect size, as it enables precision as well as applying the formula evenly too

 As for the product itself, I can’t get enough of it! It’s one of the best brow products that I personally have ever come across.

Out of the shades, I chose ‘Linda’, as I felt this would match my medium brown & blonde highlighted coloured hair the best.. and thank goodness it does!! What I love most about this is that this shade doesn’t darken the brows and nor does it lighten them either. Instead it blends and fills in my brows with creating a beautiful overall colour. In my opinion I would say that this product is great for both thinner and thicker brows, as I have said already the spoolie applicator is just the most perfect shape and size, as it isn’t overly large meaning that it doesn’t get formula on the skin around the brow. In terms of what this product actually does, I find it to definitely fill in sparser brows with also shaping them slightly too. It makes thinner and patchy brows appear fuller with also giving them a good brow shape. I use this alongside other products too but you could definitely get away with using this just alone for a quick and easy natural look, however this works great with both powder and brow pencils etc. Overall I am in love with this product! It’s definitely apart of my everyday make-up routine.. with me actually feeling slightly attached to this now. You are able to use this on naked brows however you can also use this after powder as a finishing product.

What do you think to the Legendary Brows product? Do you like Charlotte Tilbury make-up?

Thank you!
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  1. 29/06/2016 / 13:43

    wow, your photos are beautiful! I haven’t tried this product from CT but it looks fab! I’m all about brow products at the moment and feel like this would be perfect for me, I guess next time I’m in selfridges I better pick one up!

    Love the post and the photos lovely!

    Love Rachel, X

    • jellybluesblog
      29/06/2016 / 13:56

      Aw thank you!! That’s so lovely of you to say! I must admit I’m a bit of a new kid on the block when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury, as I haven’t really tried that many. This and the mascara though are so lovely and I would definitely recommend each of them! X

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