Replica Eau de Toilette – Funfair Evening

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You may have heard of the brand Replica before but if you haven’t it’s a gorgeous memory inspired, Eau de Toilette collection by Maison Margiela.

In the collection there are ten scents, which are all and each inspired by different memories throughout life. These include: At the Barber’s, Lipstick on, By the Fireplace, Funfair Evening, Beach Walk, Flower Market, Jazz Club, Promenade in the Gardens, Lazy Sunday Morning and Tea Escape – so truly quite the collection! Maison Margiela has really concentrated on the memory behind a scent, as so often it isn’t about the ingredients in the scent that we like so much but the memory and story of where it has come from, as perhaps you wore that scent at a party 5 years ago or maybe it’s a scent that reminds you of a nice day out you had with someone you love… either way, these scents have been made to give us a flashback to a good memory that we had once upon a time.

From within the lovely ten piece collection I decided to trust a fellow beauty bloggers opinion and reach for the scent; Funfair Evening, as she described it as a ‘gorgeous array of sweet candy floss and toasted marshmallows’ and I love a good sweet (and some may say sickly) scent. I must say first and foremost that I LOVE the packaging to this product. The bottle is contemporary, sophisticated and elegant with then the also lovely little spritzer on the top! I also really like how you can see the Eau de Toilette liquid itself, as so often ‘perfume’ bottles are clouded or coloured, which I feel can appear quite cheap because if you look around higher-end scents are usually all clear glass bottles, revealing the liquid inside. Now, the scent of Funfair Evening isn’t if I’m honest what I expected it to be, as I expected it to be quite sickly and sweet. It is however a very classy scent in the terms of the balance between sweet and heavy, as this is in my opinion quite musky, with hints of rose. I can also smell slight hints of toasted marshmallows but this is more of an undertone scent than the main aroma. Overall.. this bottle of Eau de Toilette looks absolutely beautiful sitting on my dressing table and with all of my other perfume bottles. I really like the idea behind this scent and the almost story like tale it has with it. I would love to try the ‘Flower Market’, as I expect it to be really sweet and florally which is again a scent that I love. As for it’s worth, I wouldn’t actually say that this is worth that huge price tag that comes with it, as I don’t 100% feel that this reminds me of an evening at the funfair – certainly not one I’ve been to anyway, but as for this being a scent alone it’s nice.

replica funfair perfume

What do you think to this? Does this sound like a scent that you would like?

Thank you!
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