TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette

toofaced peach palette 6

We’re here again with yet another gorgeous pressed eyeshadow palette by TooFaced. This time however, we have a peach infused and inspired palette, containing a total of 18 different shades. From peachy pinks, corals, bronzes and deep purples, this palette really does contain quite the collection. There is also a good mixture of mattes, sheer satins and sheer finishes within this palette.

toofaced peach palette 2toofaced peach palette 4toofaced peach palette 3

After using this palette for a good couple of weeks now, I can tell you that I have really been enjoying using it! As it has one of the most gorgeous sweet peach scents around – in fact my dogs can’t get enough of it! and out of the 18 shades there is a good mixture of complimentary colours; from deep, midnight purples, champagne pinks and chocolatey browns – plus a great highlighter shade for the inner corners and under the brow arches. Each of the shades match well to the sweet peach theme, as they each have a peach undertone in colour! As for the pigmentation, I wouldn’t say that it’s the best I have ever used nor would I say its the worst! I can say that from appearance I expected it to give a much better colour pay off, but never the less I like the quality of the eyeshadows, with especially the deeper shades being much more pigmented. True to TooFaced’s reputation these eyeshadows blend beautifully!! With you really being able to create some gorgeous eye make-up looks. The creamy texture of these eyeshadows is also lovely as they go onto the eyelids smoothly and feel very comfortable too. If I had to think of a negative, then it could only be that these eyeshadows are quite crumbly, meaning that if you do apply to much onto your brush, you will get quite a bit of ‘fall out’. I was also a little shocked, as as much as I like the shades within this palette, I did expect more pinks, and peachy shades rather than bronzes and purples.

toofaced peach palette 1

Overall I am very happy to have this palette within my collection, as it’s great to use for both casual and more ‘dressy’ going out looks.

toofaced peach palette 7

What do you think to this palette?

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