A £300 Hair Dryer?!

Okay so for arguments sake, I must admit that this isn’t technically a £300 hair dryer, as really it’s a penny less at £299.99!!

Dyson Supersonic 1

Within this post I’m going to be showing you and giving you my personal opinions on the Supersonic hair dryer by Dyson. As this hair dryer is the most expensive one I have ever seen, let alone used, I want to go through each of the features that Dyson states for this product and explain as to whether I think its worthy of such a hefty price tag.

Dyson Supersonic 5  Dyson Supersonic 2Dyson Supersonic 3

Firstly, let’s just talk about the design.. I mean have you ever saw a hair dryer that looks like this before?! If there’s one thing you have to give Dyson credit for, it’s creating and designing truly unique and futuristic products! I love the look of this dryer.. in fact it’s what first drew me to it and I also love how the majority of their products anyway are so elegant, so simple but yet so impressive.

So, what does a £300 (£299.99) hair dryer hold… well, Dyson states that this dryer delivers a fast, precise and wide airflow – by sucking in 41 litres of air per second!! making this dryer able to dry your hair faster too. This is also designed and engineered for balance – which is why it’s manufactured with a motor in the handle. Another spec that I’ve definitely noticed the effect of, is that this dryer has negative ions, meaning that it helps reduce static within the hair. It weighs just 618g, so it’s definitely not heavy or bulky and it doesn’t give you arm ache either, which is a huge positive for if you spend a lot of time holding your arm up whilst drying your hair and in terms of heat control, I have noticed myself feeling a lot more confident & comfortable about holding this dryer close to my scalp, as it has a choice of three modes for both the fan and temperature so you can easily adjust the settings so it doesn’t burn your scalp. With this it also has an ‘intelligence factor’, as this dryer has a tiny microprocessor in the head which controls the heating element using data to help prevent heat damage.

This dryer also comes with three magentic attachments, which easily connect to the dryer through a magnet holding! I have also found that each of these attachments don’t hold a lot of the heat as they dry your hair – meaning you’ll able to take these off and swap them without burning yourself. One of the attachments is a smoothing nozzle, the other a styling concentrator and finally, the third a diffuser. Each of these attachments are of course designed with different intentions but to put it simply; one is for drying & styling at the same time, the other is for fast & precise styling on one section at a time and the diffuser is designed to dry curls gently and help reduce frizz.

On one particular day I decided to test this dryer out, with the idea behind the test being about how fast this drys your hair compared to another, more standard dryer:
I started with separating my hair straight down the parting and drying each side in turn with different hair dryers. On the left side I used my usual GHD Air dryer and on the right the Dyson Supersonic. Each side took around the same amount of time to dry – which was two minutes on towel dried hair, however as the day went on, the left side of my hair lost its straightened shape fairly quickly (as I tuck my hair behind my ears unknowingly) and actually as the day went on it began to become quite static and flick out at the ends because of this. On the right side, my hair had very little static or in fact none, and quite amazingly it remained straight all day!

Overall, I would have to say that I’m loving the look of this dryer – I love the colours (that hot pink!!!) and the design is just beautiful, I mean Dyson couldn’t of done any better if they’d tried! In terms of the capability of this dryer, I would have to say that I definitely notice a difference between this and the GHD Air for example, I mean you should be able to notice a difference considering this is nearly £300 and the other is just short of £100 BUT this drys your hair a lot smoother, the fan speed is a lot more powerful and the temperature choice is a lot more realistic – by this I mean the hottest isn’t actually boiling and the coldest isn’t freezing like it usually is on standard hair dryers. The magnetic attachments fit and work very effectively, as I mostly use the smoothing nozzle and find this to actually smooth my hair more than the dryer does alone. Questioning the; ‘this drys your hair faster’ statement I decided to time myself when drying a full head of hair, as on average it usually takes me around 8-9 minutes to blow dry towel dried hair but when using this it took me just 5 minutes, so quite understandably I was pleasantly surprised but I guess the real question that you all want to know the answer to, is do I think that this hair dryer is worth £300.00… initially my answer would have been no, and actually to a degree it’s still no, BUT if you like gadgets and if you like having those more refined and elegant products to use then I would have to say that the price tag shouldn’t scare you off because in my opinion this is a GREAT product!! If you are a brand snob (and I am!) then I can totally see why you would want and would buy one of these to use. Dyson has an amazing name in itself, my family has had Dyson products since I can remember and honestly if I could say just one thing to them it would be, ‘are you working on a pair of straighteners’?!

That is my opinion on this dryer, obviously we all feel and think differently to one another about brands and brands worth but I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this product?!

Now, to tell you that is everything would be a damn right lie, as the design and engineering to this dryer is really quite complex, so instead of rambling on about EVERYTHING that is behind this dryer, instead I’m just going to list it all below – so you can read it through and hopefully it will make a little more sense.

If you have any questions or if you feel I haven’t covered an area to this product, as always just pop it in the comments below and I’ll try and help you out!

Thank you!
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On the box:
• Air Multiplier technology
• Stainless steel magnetic interface
• LED indicators
• Airflow settings
• Negative ions
• Power on/off
• Cold shot
• Engineered for balance
• Insulating chamber
• Removable filter cage
• Pulse-width modulation
• Annular element construction
• Airflow exit
• Glass bead thermistor
• Intelligence factor
• Heat settings
• Power
• Acoustically tuned
• Vibration reduction mount
• 2.7m cable


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