(Summer trends): Flatforms, ft. Kurt Geiger

Heel’s will never loose their sparkle and that’s one thing I can say for sure but comfort & practicability take a vital and massive role in fashion and what we put on our feet. I mean, if your going out for the whole day and it will involve ‘a lot’ of walking, what’s the first thing you think about, that’s right… ‘What am I going to wear’?! Therefore and in these situations we tend to reach for a shoe that isn’t going to put pressure on our spine and ones that aren’t going to make our feet feel numb by the end of the day… and for those days flat’s are great! but if your a 5ft, 21 year old like myself then feeling like a short bum, quite frankly isn’t the best!

Hidden heels were a step up (quite literally) in fashion a few years ago, with the only exception really being that let’s be honest, they weren’t exactly hidden… now as time has of course moved forward, it would appear that the fashion world has had a rethink and the shoe style of ‘Flatforms’ has made a reappearance. I personally love flatforms. I know sometimes they can appear a little odd, I mean especially if the style has been morphed into a different shoe style and the two don’t really match but all in all I really like how it is still technically a flat shoe with however the added bonus of some height.

KG Lover flatforms KG Lulu flatforms

During a visit to Selfridges (Birmingham, Bullring) a few weeks ago I spotted a gorgeous array of Kurt Geiger shoes, which of course I HAD to try! Out of the shoes that were on display I fell in love with two pairs of flatforms; the Lover style in white and the Lulu flatforms in black. Now, these shoes were actually out of stock in sizes 2 & 3, so I had to head over to the Kurt Geiger website and purchase these online. I decided to get both of these flatforms in size 2, as usually ‘slip on’ shoes struggle to fit and stay on my feet. After paying a fairly steep sum for next day delivery, I received my shoes and found that unfortunately size one would of been better! If there’s one thing that annoys me, it’s shoe sizes that aren’t realistic, I mean.. if someone has size 2 feet then it shouldn’t comfortably fit a size 3 or possibly size 4 foot as well! but moaning aside, I am determined to get both of these shoes to fit well as I love their style! The ‘Lover’ flatforms in white are just so nice, they have a slightly more wedged base which gives a slightly more elegant feel and style to the shoe itself. The top of the shoe and the main material appears like leather (but I don’t think it actually is) and it has a textured snake finish, which I feel really adds something to the shoe and how it looks. My favourite thing about these flatforms however HAS to be that bold, black & white text which is more or less stamped over the entire front – this is something that I personally have never saw before and I really, really like it! The ‘Lulu’ flatforms are fairly similar, apart from one major factor being that they have a gorgeous, fluffy trim of feather like black fur running over the top. They also have a slightly more curved wedge underneath, which I feel is actually more feminine in appearance. I would however have to say that these are more obvious as to having a block of height underneath, as there is a distinctive joining between the black & white materials used. I also really like the subtle imprints of texts which are placed along the wedge, I feel this yet again adds a different element into the design. Overall and shoe sizes aside I really like the style of these two pairs of flatform shoes! I feel that if you are looking into flatforms, as a style to wear, then Kurt Geiger would be a good place to start or definitely check out, as they have some really unique and actually individual styles to choose from.

What do you think to flatforms, would you wear them?
If you also had any tips on getting shoes like this to fit better, let me know in the comments below please!

Thank you!
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