A Day at Chatsworth House

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Last week (or the 16th August to be more precise), myself, my mum, my aunty and my two cousins all visited Chatsworth House, Derbyshire with of course the company of all five of our pooches – yep that’s a dog each, can you imagine how dog mad we looked! 

As a family we’ve visited Chatsworth House a numerous of times, as we love putting together a good picnic and going for an adventure around the grounds and gardens – the gardens for anyone who wants to know are HUGE and they have all different landscaped areas in which you can escape to plus of course the views at Chatsworth House are breathtaking. Luckily for us the 16th August was a beautiful and warm day in Derbyshire, making the casual walk around the trees even more special plus slightly more refreshing as it was more shaded under the tree’d areas. It was also lovely to see all of our dogs running around with their tails high in the air, as they love running around and splashing in whatever water they can find! My cousin also had great success in finding lots of Pokémon, so that certainly put a smile on his face. All in all it was a really lovely day, spending time with family and just having a little adventure!

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