Helpful Tips for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Because of anxiety, panic attacks are a thing that I unfortunately have to deal with. Anxiety is a cruel thing and there’s absolutely no way of denying that, as it doesn’t care who it effects, it doesn’t care about the moment of your day that it’s controlling and it doesn’t care if it causes you embarrassment. In fact the more embarrassment that it causes the more it thrives! The fact of the matter is, anxiety – which ever form takes a hold of your life is horrible and it’s controlling, whether you allow it to be or not. I’ve now been ‘dealing’ with both anxiety and panic attacks for a fair few years.. and let me tell you it hasn’t been easy, there’s times where I’ve wanted to lock myself away, there’s been times when I haven’t had the courage to just do something and there’s been times when I’ve had no clue of what to do.. it’s a very scary, overwhelming and actually a very lonely place to be in when these feelings, both emotionally and physically grab holt of you. I honestly wish I had the secret.. but I don’t. These feelings are still something that I’m trying to understand and trying to control but I have over time learnt different ways and different methods that ease these negative feelings and help with the stress that anxiety brings. I’m not saying that these methods or ways are going to cure you and with that I’m definitely not saying that these are going to work for everyone but by all means they are worth a try if they could help you.

and here they are..

helpful tips for anx2

Drinking Water

On a few occasions I’ve found slowly sipping icy cold, freezing water to really help.

helpful tips for anx1

Finding a distraction

Sometimes finding a distraction is easier said than actually done, as on these occasions all you really want to do is escape from the situation. I have however found that if I’m in a situation where I definitely cannot remove myself easily, finding a distraction does really help ease the stress and anxiety. Giving your brain something else to focus on is a great way to take that concentrated negative energy away from yourself. Such distractions could include, looking through your photo’s on your phone, listening to music and really concentrating on the words within the song, doodling, making a list of all the things you have planned within the next few months or even something as simple as ‘people watching’ or looking around your current surroundings can really help!

helpful anxiety tips6


This may sound a little odd to a few of you, as when anxiety suddenly comes upon you the last thing you really want to do is eat something, but.. I have found sucking a boiled sweet to really help! Whether it’s the sugar or the taste I don’t know, all I do know is that it helps me! As well as boiled sweets, I’ve always found chewing a mint gum to be a massive help and a really good distraction.

helpful tips for anx4

Fresh Air

Fresh air or a slight breeze is always going to be a good thing, especially on a warm day. It is however a massive ease when your not feeling quite your true self. Stepping outside or even cracking open a window can really give a sense of relief when you need it most, as having that sense of the outside can also make you feel quite free and therefore not as trapped within your surroundings and situation.

Those are my tips for maintaining and keeping your anxiety at bay, I really do hope they can help! 
Please do let me know as well as others in the comments below if you have any other tips or advice to help people out!

Thank you!
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