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 Introducing ‘POP’ – the brand new scent by Stella McCartney.

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It’s modern, vibrant and bright. This beautifully designed bottle of perfume by Stella McCartney has one of the nicest scents that I personally have smelt in quite a while. The scent is described (on as a combination of both sandalwood and the vibrant floralcy of tuberose, which I would have to say is mixed to the perfect balance – as it isn’t an overpowering, heady floral scent but then it isn’t too weak either. The floral and woody notes within this perfume make it a perfect feminine scent, which really does add a spritz of character and elegance to any look or occasion.
Overall, I would have to say that I’m a huge fan of this perfume! As it’s been designed with the whole idea of ‘being bold and making a statement, which I personally think in today’s world is a great message to hold and share! The look of this perfume is something that I also love, as I think it’s really bold and beautiful with that metallic hot pink colour, which again really makes a statement on your dressing table or against your other perfume bottles too. I’d also have to say that I love the fact that the spritzer has been incorporated into the lid/top, as so often fancy perfume bottles are designed with extra lids, which unfortunately are not the most practical to use when in a rush or when you have your hands full. In terms of lasting, I’d say this perfume starts to wear off after a good 3-4 hours – depending on how much you spray of course. The body lotion to accompany this lovely perfume is practically the same except of course this is in the form of a cream. As expected also, the body lotion smells exactly the same as the perfume, but I’d say the lotion is a little stronger in terms of intensity – making it good to use when you really want to smell ‘good’ or perhaps when the suns shining and you have a lot of skin exposed.

I’d love to know what you think of this perfume, have you smelt it yet?

Thank you!
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