Three Shades of Tom Ford!

When considering higher-end make-up, I don’t think you can get much better, more sophisticated or more classier make-up than Tom Ford. I mean, there are of course other brands out there with as much class but there’s just something about Tom Ford that makes you feel special when using one of his glorious products. Firstly the packaging, now that well and truly speaks for itself! The fine but sleek black and gold case with sharp, cutting squared corners and the beautifully angled lipstick coming out of the top – it’s a lipstick to be admired rather than just hidden away in a make-up bag.

Within this post I’m going to be sharing with you all, three beautiful shades of lipstick by the one and only; Tom Ford. These shades are of course not alone, as there is a wide and varied collection altogether but these are the shades in which I have found to admire the most with of course hoping to be able to broaden my small collection over time and within the near future.

Tom Ford lipsticks 4

04 Indian Rose
A shade I have admired from a far for a long, long time. Indian Rose is a beautiful rose pink with what I would call a creme finish. This lipstick, just like the other two has a very comfortable, hydrating and moisturising formula that really does feel like silk once on your lips.

Tom Ford lipsticks 3

09 First Time – Matte
Again, a beautiful shade! This lipstick is what I would describe as ‘a perfect nude’, as it has a soft and subtle terracotta undertone   to a lovely beige nude colour. A shade also described as having a matte finish however I would have to slightly disagree with saying that this does go onto the lips very smoothly with having a moisturising and comfortable creamy formula and texture.

Tom Ford pink dusk lipstick-5

07 Pink Dusk
This lipstick has to take responsibility for my obsession with Tom Ford! As this was the first ever lip product by Tom Ford that I received and now of course own. Pink Dusk is a shade that I can rely on, as it goes with pretty much every make-up look that I like to wear. It’s a shade that I would describe as a pinky nude but in reality I’d say it’s a much more subtle & softer Indian Rose, as it holds a lot of similarities to that lipstick too. Again, I’d say that this lipstick has a creme finish, as it appears and feels very moisturising and hydrating on the lips! A beautiful shade that I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to treat themselves to a much more classier and elegant pink nude lipstick.

If you’d interested in hearing a little more about Tom Ford lipsticks or Pink Dusk as a shade, then please check out my individual review here: Tom Ford – Pink Dusk

3-shades-of-tom-fordTom Ford pink dusk lipstick-4Tom Ford lipsticks 1

What do you think to these Tom Ford shades, which is your favourite?!

Thank you!
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