TooFaced Born This Way Concealer

TooFaced Born This Way Concealer

TooFaced have done it yet again. We have a product that is designed with the utmost class and a piece of packaging that will look truly good on any type of dressing table. This is the concealer partner to the also popular Born this Way foundation by TooFaced and within this post I’m happily going to be sharing my thoughts on this product which was recently released in the UK.

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Firstly, the packaging – it’s just so blooming pretty!! TooFaced have a pure knack for creating truly beautiful looking products!

What it does?!
This concealer describes itself to instantly hide imperfections, vanish the appearance of dark circles and blur the look of both wrinkles and lines. It’s also infused with coconut water, which delicately replenish’s the moisture levels within skin, alpine rose, which brightens and boosts skins radiance and finally hyaluronic acid, which helps to give a smoother and more youthful appearance.

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My thoughts
I have to say, first and foremost I was a little hesitant about purchasing this product, as I’m not a huge fan of the Born this Way foundation, so it was actually a bit of a risk to buy it’s partner in crime so to speak. I’ve been using this concealer each day since receiving it and I have to be honest, I am very impressed so far! The formula is fairly thick… I mean it’s definitely thicker than the Urban Decay NAKED Skin concealer for example but I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing in the slightest. This concealer blends (with my trusty BeautyBlender) very easily, fairly quickly and very smooth – it’s definitely an easy one to use plus it doesn’t look cakey or heavy under the eyes! The coverage is really nice too, as I find (true to it’s word) it to cover both imperfections and dark under eye circles. As for the shade, I’ve been using very fair which I would describe as a perfect one for a pale complexion! On the TooFaced website, it describes this shade to have pink undertones however I would also say that this is great for a yellow undertone’d skin tone too, as mine is more yellow than pink and I still find this to be great!

What are your thoughts on this product, have you tried the Born this Way range yet?

Thank you!
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