Artis Oval 7 Make-Up Brush

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This is the Artis Oval 7 Make-Up Brush from the Elite Collection in Mirror Finish.

*Description taken from packaging:
The Artis Elite Oval 7 is wonderful for applying products like foundation to medium size areas of the face, and for contouring along/under the cheekbone. It applies blush beautifully to the apple of the cheek and blends so well that the application looks natural and healthy.

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During the holidays myself, my family and my pooches visited Stratford-Upon-Avon for the day. Stratford-Upon-Avon is a beautiful place with it also being the home and birthplace of William Shakespeare, plus it also has some delicious retro-styled English sweet shops, which are dotted all around. During my visit to Stratford-Upon-Avon I also visited the Space N K Apothecary store, which left me very poor on departure! In Space N K Apothecary I came across a collection of Artis make-up brushes (OH MY!) and it’s fair to say the temptation was to much.. as that’s right, I cracked! but in my defence I have been lusting over the Artis brushes for absolutely ages!

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Since first purchasing this brush I’ve been using it every morning to apply my foundation. It’s honestly life-changing, which perhaps sounds a little dramatic but honestly I’ve never applied my face make-up so fast before. The size of this brush is perfect for my sized face, as it isn’t too small but then it isn’t awkwardly large either. I wouldn’t want this brush to be any smaller or larger than it is though, as then it wouldn’t be able to effectively blend around the creases in my skin, i.e. eye areas and nose.

The bristles within the brush are very dense making it absolutely perfect for applying both liquid foundation products and cream products, such as a contour stick or cream blush. I was amazed when I first swept this brush along my face, the liquid foundation that I was using blended more or less instantly and it looked so incredibly beautiful, perhaps I would even go as far as to say, flawless. Just out of interest, I tried applying a powdered blush with the Artis brush onto the apple of my cheeks, it did work, however as the bristles are so dense the blush didn’t really blend into my skin as it would when using a powder brush for example, plus it came out very pigmented indeed! As for cream products, I am still amazed as to how well this brush blends a contour stick! Before I was scrubbing at my skin for ages trying to blend out that contour cream, this literally blends the contour softly in 2-3 sweeps – that’s right!! Liquid or cream concealer is again a product that you can use with this brush however I do have to say that I still like to use my BeautyBlender after, just to be on the safe side.

To touch, this brush is incredibly soft and smooth, which makes it really lovely to use. The quality is again something that you have to be happy with, as yes this brush is expensive in the first place but then by the looks of things Artis haven’t made this brush on the cheap. I mean, the handle has a smooth rubber trim which enables grip and comfort when holding it and when in use or when cleaning, I’ve not found one bristle hair to shed, which is something that I’m definitely pleased about! Overall, I think it’s pretty obvious to say but I absolutely love this brush, it really has changed how I do my make-up.

Artis Oval 7 Make-up Brush;

What do you think to this brush?!

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  1. 04/09/2016 / 17:38

    Oh my goodness these are so flawless! I’ve heard such amazing things about the Artis brushes, I’ve heard how amazing they are at giving a seemingly flawless finish! I really wanted to pick these up but like you said they are so expensive but if the quality is that good they are worth it! xx

    • jellybluesblog
      04/09/2016 / 17:51

      I LOVE the look of these brushes! I would love the Artis brush stand but it’s like £160, plus my single brush may look a bit silly anyway, haha! They are expensive but if your going to buy any Artis brush then you have to get a foundation one and I’d say with that, a larger shaped one, as it makes the application much less time consuming! Let me know if you get one, I’d love to hear how you get on with it! 🙂 xx

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