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Make-up’s expensive. There’s no denying that so if there’s a way of saving the odd few pennies here and there then quite frankly WHY the hell NOT?! Recently, I took a trip to a new Primark store that has just opened and took advantage of the unbelievably priced make-up from within their beauty range. I have a mix of contour crayons and contouring powders, lip pencils and matte liquid lipsticks plus a small collection of some fancy spirally hair bobbles to show you, so please just carry on reading to find out prices, quality and more..


T – B:  Red, Nude, Toffee.

Starting with lips, I picked up three different shades from the PS… Lip Liner Pencil collection. Each of these liners are priced at just £1.00, which quite understandably I thought was amazing!! Nude is definitely the more versatile shade, as it could be worn under a nude/pink lipstick, a brown toned lipstick or even a red. Toffee is also a great shade, with this being ideal for a deeper brown lippie or you could even wear this alone, and then there’s Red, which I have to say speaks for itself. All in all, I’d say these liners are good quality – considering the fact that they’re just £1.00 each!!

primark-beauty6 primark-beauty2

L – R: 03, 04, 01 Kim

Moving onto the liquid lipsticks. These three are from the Super Matte collection, meaning of course that they will give your lippie a very dull finish in appearance and they retail at just £2.00 each! As I’ve been using each one of these liquid lipsticks I have to tell you that I’ve noticed the difference in quality and by that I mean, you can tell that they’re just £2.00 each. They’re not awful don’t get me wrong but they do take quite a bit of persevering and time to get used to using them. They’re well pigmented and they have a fairly thick formula but they also dry quite streaky and with that you need to build up the layers to then achieve a good solid colour but for £2.00, I wouldn’t say avoid them as 01 Kim is a very pretty colour!


Contouring crayons or sticks are becoming VERY popular indeed! The Smashbox step-by-step contouring trio is personally one of my absolute favourites, which is why I wanted to give these three a try. As by Smashbox they can cost anything from £30-£35 and these three by PS… (Primark) cost just £3.00.

Imagine buying these instead.. that would be a massive saving!

With using these a few times, I can tell you that they are extremely creamy, the formula is very soft and smooth and they glide onto the skin effortlessly. They blend well, I mean I can’t say that they blend as flawlessly and easily as the Smashbox trio but give it a bit of elbow grease and your good to go!


ALL HAIL POWDER!! Powder is quick, easier to use and just so GOOD! If I’m in a rush or just simply not feeling the whole contouring creams, then powder is a great alternative. This little trio palette includes a highlighter, bronzer and a contour powder. These powders are soft & smooth and blend very well on the skin.


Last on the list, are these spirally hair bobbles which cost just £1.00 for a pack of six. They reminded me instantly of the Invisibobble, which can cost anything from £3-£4.50 for a pack of three. Of course, I have to say that these are different, Invisibobble are usually plastic and these are an elastic’y material. These are however comfortable to wear and most importantly they look great for when you want to ‘chuck’ your hair up and get it out of your face!

What do you think to my beauty buys on a budget?!

Thank you!
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