Cohorted Beauty Box | September 2016

It’s Cohorted time!!!!!!!!!!


I was actually thinking the other day, the Cohorted beauty box is literally just like a lucky dip each month and who remember’s (if your a 90’s kid especially) those lucky dip tubs you’d get at fetes, where you’d pay around 50p and then get to pick a surprise present up. I guess in a way that’s why I love Cohorted so much.. the not knowing what your going to receive and finding a small collection of weird and wonderful products that you may or may not have heard of before each month.


This month we have a collection of beauty products ranging from hair care, nail polish to make-up, and in all the September Cohorted beauty box values at £85.00, which certainly isn’t the most I’ve seen Cohorted create a box at but it’s certainly not to be sniffed at either!

Cue the products included…


Percy & Reed London | No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo, Value – 150ml: £12.00
Percy & Reed London | Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery, Value – 75ml: £18.00

First to grab my attention were these two hair products by the brand; Percy & Reed London. This isn’t a brand that personally I’ve heard off before but I love the style of the packaging and actually the products themselves. They each sound very interesting and if they each deliver what they promise, I’ll be a very happy girl indeed.


Cargo | Land Down Under Eye Shadow Palette, RRP: £35.00

Cargo is a familiar brand with the Cohorted beauty box, as I’ve received a few different products by Cargo in previous boxes before and I have to be honest Cargo isn’t a brand that I’m all that in love with but I’m always willing to give new and interesting products a go!

This eyeshadow palette is very pretty and I really like the collection and variety of colours included. Suntan and Bridge, I think, have to be my personal favourites, which I will definitely be trying out soon! Also included in this palette is a standard sized black pencil eyeliner, which value wise I really like the idea of.


Surfacing on the top of this months box are, as always, a couple of leaflets.

We have a 20% off discount code for the homeware brand; Plum & Ashby, a 25% off discount code for Cohorted’s very own brand of Ovali Brushes, which are available on and a £10.00 voucher code for Zalando!


Kure Bazaar | Nail Polish in the shade: French Rose, RRP: £15.00

Shining through with a little pink dazzle is this nail polish by the brand Kure Bazaar. Again, Kure Bazaar is a brand that I’ve never heard of before but this nail polish colour is very me indeed!


MAC | False Lashes (3ml Sample)
Normal sized product, RRP: £19.00

Last in the box is a little 3ml sample of MAC’s False Lashes mascara. This mascara is suppose to give lashes the appearance of falsies with an intense black coating!

In all, I’m pleased with the September box, I can’t say it’s been my most favourite box EVER but I’m looking forward to treating my hair with the overnight recovery and painting my nails with that soft and subtle light pink shade.

What do you think to September’s Cohorted beauty box, are you subscribed already?!

Thank you!
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