Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Foundation

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Newly introduced to the Estée Lauder family is a foundation like I’ve never seen before. The innovative design combines both a liquid foundation and applicator in one, making it ideally handy for travel or to use at home. This is the Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick and it’s described (by Estée Lauder) to be instantly hydrating, weightless and comfortable, plus long-lasting as it supposedly wears for 8 hours with no touch ups, one other design feature that I like the sound off is that this foundation stick gets smaller in size as you use the foundation up.

I’ve now been using this foundation on & off for just over two weeks and so far I’m happy with the results. The product itself is a little bit of a gimmick, as it doesn’t do anything extra special than a normal brush and a liquid foundation could but within this post I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on this product and how I’ve been getting on using it.

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Beginning with the foundation itself; the formula is very similar in consistency and texture to the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place foundation, as this has quite a thick formula with also good pigmentation too. This foundation gives a good medium coverage, which I would say is also build-able to a more high coverage – as I have gently added more to problem areas on my face and didn’t after find this foundation to appear ‘claggy or cakey’ on the skin. As to the texture of this foundation, I’d say that it’s pretty hydrating and also very comfortable to wear, as it doesn’t feel sticky or tacky on the skin but then it doesn’t feel suffocating either.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the application method – as yes the dense, circular sponge is very comfortable and very soft but it’s also quite small which makes buffing and dabbing the foundation into the skin rather time consuming and sometimes quite difficult to do. I also feel like because of the size and denseness of the sponge, it’s quite difficult to buff and blend using circular motions, as the face structure has all different angles and curves and the sponge applicator is quite rigid, so it doesn’t reach every part of the face easily. On a plus note, it’s easy and simple to clean and keep hygienic! As all you have to do is unscrew the top and wash it with warm water and some soap – I find BeautyBlender cleanser to be ideal! I have however found two other application methods that work very well! With one of those being an Artis Oval brush and the other a damp BeautyBlender or make-up sponge.

Now, as Estée Lauder seemingly say that this wears for 8 hours with no touch ups, I of course had to give it a mention. I’m not the type of person to touch up my make-up.. as once it’s on, it’s on! So having a foundation that lasts is really quite important to me. I usually and on average put my make-up on at around 8am and take it off at around 6/7pm – so that’s what, eleven hours or somewhere around there anyway. After checking my make-up throughout the day, I have to say that I did notice areas that have rubbed away and unfortunately spots/ blemishes that had started to make an unsightly appearance after around 6 hours of wear, I wouldn’t therefore say that ‘8 hours wear with no touch ups’ is quite true as my complexion could of perhaps benefited from having some more foundation applied. Through all of this however, I have to tell you that I still like this foundation and the coverage that it gives.

estee lauder double wear nude cushion stick1

 What do you think to this foundation, do you think you’ll like the application method?

Thank you!
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