Neutrogena Hydro Boost Collection

Introducing Hydro Boost; the new skincare collection by Neutrogena.

Over a week ago I came across this beautifully blue collection of skincare products in Boots. Since then I’ve been using these each and everyday to clean, care and provide an added boost of hydration to my skin. Within Boots there’s a total of five products within this new collection and today I’m happily going to be sharing how I got on with the three products that I purchased (as shown below). As always, if there’s anything else that you would like to hear about these products, just drop me a comment below.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost3

Neutrogena Hydro Boost | Gel-Cream

Out of the two moisturisers available I decided to go with the gel-cream, as I felt I would much prefer the consistency of the cream itself but in hindsight it would appear that these two moisturisers are more or less identical anyway. I’ve been using this cream first thing in the morning, after showering and then at the end of the day, after taking off my make-up. In the morning this cream gives a massive comfort to the skin and it almost prepares the skin for that layer of foundation to come. It happily melts into the skin quickly, leaving it feeling extremely hydrated and softened in texture. The consistency of this gel-cream is in my opinion quite silicone’y but in a nice way, with it also feeling very lightweight indeed! By the end of the day there’s nothing I like more than taking off my make-up and opening this petite little tub! It provides an hydrating relief to the skin, which I have to say I’m slightly addicted to.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost | Facial Wipes

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m all about facial wipes! Whether it’s an anti-blemish type, a make-up remover or an exfoliating wipe, as there easy to use, effective (most of the time) and just so, so convenient! When I saw these wipes within the Hydro Boost collection I was very excited indeed, having a wipe to add hydration to the skin is very handy, whether you use them at home, on the move (i.e. long plane journey’s) or even at a festival! Now, I have to tell you that these wipes are GOOD, they remove left over or missed make-up perfectly, with that including waterproof mascara which normally is a complete an utter pain in the bum to remove. They work comfortably if you have sensitive eyes – which I do, as I can rub these wipes all over my eyes and there’s no effect what so ever! All in all, I am very impressed by these wipes as they add and leave my skin feeling very hydrated and soft!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost | Micellar Water Cleanser

Out of the two bottled cleansers available within this new collection I decided to go with the micellar water, as the gel-cleanser has to be washed off with warm water and knowing my lazy side, I know I’m not going to use that as much as I should. This cleanser is designed to remove impurities, make-up – including lipstick and boost the skin with the hydration that it perhaps needs. As I say, I’m all about facial wipes. Micellar waters and other liquid make-up removers are great, don’t get me wrong but the convenience of a wipe gets me way more than it should! When I’ve not gave in to a wipe however, I love to reach for a micellar water and this is why I wanted to give the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost micellar water a try. After using this on and off for just over a week, I have to say that I’m really quite impressed! This micellar water removes a lot of make-up with just one cotton pad and it really seems to leave the skin feeling hydrated too. One thing I will say however, is that after taking off my make-up with this micellar water and using a facial wipe to go over my skin, I did get patches of left over make-up (particularly from my eyes) appear on the wipe itself, showing that this doesn’t remove all make-up truly effectively.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost2

Overall and based on my opinions gathered, I would have to recommend the Hydro Boost collection by Neutrogena. If your skin’s feeling a little sorry for itself or perhaps you just want to boost your complexion with the love of hydration, then check out this collection with the moisturiser definitely being priority, as I love it!

What do you think to this new collection, have you tried anything yet?!

Thank you!
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