Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara


Another review on a recently released product?! …YES, yes it is.


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been coating and shaping my lashes with the new Volume Colourist mascara by Rimmel. Usually, I wouldn’t feel the need to share a new mascara – unless of course it was one that I either really love or dislike. In this case – I really like this new mascara. I mean, I’ll be honest I wouldn’t say I absolutely love it and find it to be the best mascara EVER! but it’s a good mascara and I like using it.

First and foremost, the application is very comfortable, it reaches more or less every lash easily and coats each evenly and without clumps. Before using this mascara I always like to first shape my lashes with the use of a eyelash curler, as with doing so I find this to apply easier and overall it to shape my lashes much more nicely. I would also say that this mascara is well pigmented, as it coats the lashes smoothly with a deep rich, black formula. As to the finish, I find this mascara to give an amazing length to my lashes, with it also thickening the look of them and adding good volume.. I don’t know if body’s quite the right word – like as in hair body – yes/no but my lashes feel fuller after using this mascara and I just really like the look that it gives. I’m also very happy as this mascara appears to last throughout the day. So often mascara’s can droop as the day goes on, which is not a good look at all but this doesn’t seem to, it seems to hold it’s shape well. As to the coloured tint that this mascara supposedly gives your lashes – the more times you wear it, I can’t say personally I’ve noticed that yet but perhaps that just takes a bit of time and a bit more wear!

What do you think to this mascara?

Thank you!
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